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I am passionate about helping people struggling with chronic pain and health issues to improve all areas of their life so that they can be happy and healthy. I am constantly amazed by the results that I have seen working with myself, my family and clients. I struggled with fibromyalgia and CFS for many years and know the frustration of pain, fatigue and other health symptoms stopping you from doing the things you love. I have relieved my symptoms and reclaimed my life and love helping my clients reclaim their lives too.

I first discovered PSYCH-K® in 2011 and I have done the basic, advanced, pro and the life changing health and wellbeing workshop. I also use the Body Code and Emotion code to find and resolve the physical, mental and emotional imbalances that are the root causes of symptoms and blocks to the body’s own self-healing abilities. PSYCH-K® additionally supports creating changes in your life so you can be happy and healthy and create the life you want instead. This can be anything from reducing stress and anxiety around work, relationships, finances or the health condition itself to making healthy lifestyle changes or increasing your self-belief, self-confidence and self-love and even finding your passion and purpose in life.





United Kingdom



Harpenden, St Albans



Session types:

Online, Phone, In-person

Training program:

Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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