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Hi, I'm Cate Ritter, a dedicated PSYCH-K® Facilitator and Wellness Coach. I'm passionate about guiding others on their journey to natural healing, focusing on the holistic well-being of their body, mind, and soul. I specialize in helping people overcome a wide range of limitations, including health problems, mysterious illnesses, and deeply ingrained subconscious belief systems.

With over a decade of experience since 2009, I have undergone extensive training worldwide, equipping me with a diverse range of techniques and approaches to support your transformational journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.

During our sessions, I serve as a trusted guide, helping you navigate the healing process while answering questions. Together, we delve into the underlying causes of your challenges, empowering you with the knowledge necessary to create sustainable change. My intention is to help you uncover the root of your issues, facilitating true healing and enabling you to embrace your full potential.

Located in Bend, Oregon, I offer in-person sessions and online coaching options. Contact me to begin your transformative path toward wellness and vitality.

PSYCH-K Testimonials...

"Our leaders had an invaluable experience with Cate. We left inspired and incredibly grateful. We highly recommend Cate to anyone looking for a delicious breakthrough for success."
— Nick Severino, Vice President, APPLE

"I had an extraordinary experience during and after the session. The immediate physical shifts I experienced in my body, and the transformation that unfolded after were miraculous. Within weeks, the issues I was trying to manage on my own using countless methods, had a different flow. Resolutions were activated, allowing stuck energy to be released."
— Eleftherios D. from Xánthi, Greece

​"It is almost unbelievable how much healing took place in just one session with Cate. I felt an immediate shift during the session. She helped me in so many ways.”
— Erik V. from Moelv, Norway

“Cate was fast and efficient. We got so much done and I felt amazing.”
— Antony R. from Johannesburg, South Africa

“Cate is an incredibly amazing human being who gave me great tools that work to bring back a sense of love for myself that I was unable to find on my own.”
— Susan B. from Cairns, Queensland, Australia

“My PSYCH-K sessions with Cate had a major impact on me in my process of healing trauma and general adjusting of patterns and habits. Very quickly after each of our sessions, I felt a huge difference in my mood and behavior. Cate is so present and considerate and I feel really seen and held in the vulnerable spaces we opened.”
— Kaya K. from Copenhagen, Denmark

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop

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