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Hello. My name is Bonnie. I am from northern California.

It is my hearts desire to meet others where they are in life and help connect them with their own potential for expansion and fuller expression, however they may define it.

I found my purpose of reconnecting people with their infinite self through my journey of clearly identifying what I did not want in life. After all, to better understand what it is we do want we must first experience what it is we don't want.

My road started out on the bumpy side. Between the age of 15 and 17 you could find me listed as a runaway, hitchhiking across the county, or hopping freight trains to Southern California. With a poor self image and bad influences I found myself alone on a street in Ventura Ca. I was 17 and 1/2 with no money, no food, no place to sleep and 450 away from home. This was my coming of age. At 18 years old I found insight meditation
and it opened me up to an infinite world within myself. This ignited my interest in understanding myself and others and why it is we do the things we do. My passion in Human Potential has taught me that within each of us are untapped resources and reservoirs of potential waiting to be utilized. PSYCH-K® supports this in that it is a ''do with'' process knowing that the power to change is within the partner. My personal and professional experience with PSYCH-K®has indeed been a tremendous tool for connecting with the infinite power each and every single one of us has access to.

PSYCH-K ® has been transformational for me in creating a greater self image that has positively impacted my relationship, my standards, and helped empower me to move forward confidently in the direction of my dreams and much more. The shift in perception sheds light on a whole new world.
The partners I have had the honor of working with truly love the empowering experience in connecting with their inner healing wisdom through their own body. The simplicity of the process is often surprising to the partner as more times than not they believe that change is difficult and often painful.
I invite you to experience it for yourself either in person or virtually.
Make today Day 1 in your new journey towards expansion and fuller expression.





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Online, In-person

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop

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