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Benton McTaggart

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I know: you are here because you are ready to step into your greatness. You are ready to achieve your big, bold and ambitious goals.

Maybe you have a hard time making that happen. You have probably started a dozen times at busting through those goals. You first get excited. You create a plan and you dive right in with all the enthusiasm in the world. Yet, you fail to achieve promising results.

You still struggle with achieving your big awesome results. Whether it's making more money, getting a promotion at work, getting into amazing shape or experiencing inner peace.

Sounds familiar?

I know exactly what this is like.

I have been here before, and it's icky! The real prize is changing your inner world. It's in rewriting the software of your subconscious mind to transform the print out of your life.

I am a peak mindset coach. I help people reprogram their mindsets, so that they can 10x their goals. This could be to: increase your confidence, make more money, have more energy, elevate your body or experience inner peace.

PSYCH-K® has changed my life. It helped me move from struggling in my career to getting promoted to the C-suite. It helped me let go of over 50 pounds and develop a healthy relationship with food. It transformed my relationship with money and myself.

I am excited to witness the miracles you create in your life. I look forward to meeting you.

Additional certifications: Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner (ELMP).





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Online, In-person, Phone

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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