Business Advisor & Coach ~ Becky O’Neill

Business Advisor & Coach ~ Becky O’Neill

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~ I am a Business Advisor & Coach with over 25 years of small business experience.

In my work with small business owners and entrepreneurs, barriers often emerge that are deeply rooted in the subconscious mind. These barriers keep you stuck with unproductive habits, overwhelm, uncertainty, lack of clarity, procrastination, and ultimately from fully realizing your goals. In my quest to find help for my clients to overcome these common, but hard to shift barriers, I discovered PSYCH-K and it is a game changer.

My Advisory & Coaching practice is completely unique and holistic. Using PSYCH-K with my business clients is the ‘secret sauce’; the missing link that unlocks the challenges and makes the difference between success or frustration.

Together we will create a plan to reach your goals that is personalized specifically for you and your business. My unique process will ensure that you experience significant progress toward reaching your goals more quickly and with greater ease.

Ditch the struggle. There’s a better way.

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