Becky McLoughlin

Becky McLoughlin

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My relationship with PSYCH-K® began in 2009, by 2010 my love for PSYCH-K® blossomed. I wanted to learn the process for myself and how to facilitate with others. Since 2010 I have had the honor and privilege to participate in remarkable transformations both with myself and with those I facilitate with. In the last few years I have experienced great accomplishments as well as deep sorrows, PSYCH-K® has helped me to feel empowered by ALL of the experiences. My PSYCH-K® journey has taken me through the Basic, Advanced, and Health and Wellbeing Program multiple times, the Divine Retreat once, and the Professional course once, so know that we have a lot of tools to work with in a face to face, phone, or internet (Skype, FaceTime) session. If you read this and are interested in support with your journey, please contact me at: . Many blessings ~Becky




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In-person, Phone, Online

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Health and Wellbeing Program