Sophia Vasiliou

Sophia Vasiliou

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Hi, my name is Sophia and I am based in London and Mexico, although I frequently travel the world. My passion is helping people to transform their limiting perceptions and break free of old self-sabotaging patterns.

I am looking for people who are ready to make lasting changes in their lives. If this is you, then take that step and contact me.

What I love about this practice is that it is so universally applicable, simple, and empowering for the client - all of the answers and changes come from within you, this is simply a key to help you discover them.

It is my calling to help you find your strengths and talents, wholeness and health. My core values are authenticity, wisdom, growth and empowerment. This means that I recognise that we are all responsible for our own lives, and although I am a guide, the healing and change is ultimately your choice. I am not here to fix you - you are not broken. Instead, I will share tools and wisdom and guide you to the simple truth: all the power already lies within you. It is the embodiment of this knowledge that creates the alchemy of transformation and allows true healing to occur.

For more information, or if you are ready to awaken your potential,
book a free 20 minute consultation, email me or send me a message: +447811149652





United Kingdom



London, Playa Del Carmen, Worldwide



Session types:

Online, Phone, In-person

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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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