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Although I am now incredibly happy to be living the life of my dreams, with a loving partner by my side; it wasn't always this way. I spent many years in frustration "searching" for a new love.

PSYCH-K® brought me to a new place so that I was able to attract the love life I wanted. My inner landscape changed. I believe everyone can become a relationship magnet.

I am dedicated to helping other women over 50 who find themselves in a cycle of unsatisfying dates or relationships. The process helps you transform subconscious beliefs so that rather than limiting you, they start to support your conscious desires. Let's face it: Love is more available when we love ourselves unconditionally. So much of self-defeat is below our level of awareness, or if we are aware, we still can't make it change by thinking our way out of the patterns.

I came across PSYCH-K® after 25 years of working in the healing arts. I honor homeopathy, jin shin jyutsu, bodywork, energy work and other healing arts. From my observations, PSYCH-K® is permanently effective and the interactions between facilitator and the person receiving help are fun and illuminating.

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