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Andrea Oien

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As a teenager, my heart was in ballet dancing. In my 20's I studied and worked as an electrical engineer. The next chapter was being a mom and working for 20 years in several wonderful healing modalities. When I came across PSYCH-K®, I found a new home. This method suits my understanding of transformation by being non-invasive yet incredibly helpful.

Before I found PSYCH-K® facilitators, I spent 23 years in a marriage with ups and downs and 14 years without a partner. It seemded as though online dating had betrayed me. I was meeting many people who were incompatible. PSYCH-K® facilitators helped me move through my blocks to love and relationship. This method supported me and I believe my changes brought me to a wonderful partner relationship.

For this reason I specialize in helping women over 50 who are single and looking for a life partner move from frustration to fulfillment. We work together to uncover and reframe self-sabotaging or limiting beliefs and find a dating path that aligns with their inner truth.

My previous experience in bodywork, Jin Shin Jyutsu and homeopathy informs my ability to help others. While no longer my profession, my heart-felt vision is for everyone to achieve optimum health and wellness and have access to holistic modalities. My modality now is PSYCH-K®. I'm a qualified facilitator having completed all the trainings in person at least once: Basic, Advanced Integration, Master Facilitator and Health & Wellbeing.





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Advanced Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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