Adriana Furey

Adriana Furey

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I'm a health and mindset coach based in Orlando, FL.
A holistic, balanced MIND, BODY, SOUL approach is at the heart of everything I practice as they are all intricately connected.

My mission is to deliver holistic healing in your hands. I believe we all deserve to live out our fullest potential and that the human spirit is strong, powerful and creative when it comes to navigating life experiences and obstacles.

With over a decade of healing experience, PSYCH-K® has been the most transformational and efficient tool I've experienced to date. I saw such profound results in my own life, that I felt called to share this process with others.

In a 1-1 session online or in person, I serve as your guide in helping you recognize and reclaim your personal power within. Through a simple and verified process of discovery and balancing, we have the ability to transform limiting beliefs, stressful situations and traumas to move forward in any area of life.

I have attended the Basic, Advanced and Master Facilitator trainings all over the US. I'm extremely passionate about learning all that PSYCH-K® has to offer humanity.

To healing 🙂




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Online, In-person

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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