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As an International Bestselling Author of Inner Genius Outer Guru, and a Spiritual Business Coach, I help entrepreneurs and business leaders reconnect with their own magnificence. As a PSYCH-K® facilitator, I use my skill and expertise to facilitate transformation for my clients from the inside out.

At the start of my career, I had no idea I would be the empowered entrepreneur that I am today. I graduated with a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from a top engineering program in the United States and then worked in the corporate world for 3.5 years. During this time, I completed a Leadership and Technical Development Program and gained valuable professional experience in the corporate world.

Then, everything shifted...

In 2014, after reading the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad", I realized that I actually wanted to be an entrepreneur because what I really wanted in life was freedom!

Immediately after this, I resigned from my corporate career and started my entrepreneurial journey. During this process I completed several personal development courses, participated in several business training events, hired coaches, and did a lot of soul searching. I also explored with PSYCH-K® as a personal development tool for myself during this journey. I experienced tremendous growth in this duration and realized that it is my passion and purpose in life to make a positive impact in the world through being a facilitator/coach and an author.

Based on my realization, I created the brand - Avadhi.guru™, through which I help entrepreneurs realize their “why”, or their true purpose for being in business. I help business owners, who feel stuck, reclaim the power in their businesses, so they can grow more prosperous, make a bigger impact, and create a life of true freedom!

As a business coach, I combine business and spirituality. I bring a whole-brained approach to coaching. From my engineering background, I draw the left-brained experience of organizing systems and taking practical and effective steps in a logical manner. From my creative and spiritual experiences, I draw the right-brained approach of subconscious reprogramming to create spiritual alignment and inner clarity.

Today, my natural intuition has become an invaluable asset that I use to help other entrepreneurs succeed and all of my prior experiences allow me to speak from a place of wisdom.

I value generosity, integrity, ruthless compassion, fun and joy in my personal and professional life.

If this resonates, I would love to meet you!
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