PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 2



Honor yourself and PSYCH-K® by registering at least 14 days before workshop. There is a review
video and a considerable amount of information ahead of time for thoughtful consideration and reading.


The in-person Basic and/or Master will not qualify to attend this workshop.
The Online Level 1is required to attend.

This Workshop allows people from all over the world, who have attended the Online – Level 1 Workshop to continue their PSYCH-K® journey to help themselves and now others, via online video or phone sessions. Scroll down to see what new things are included with this workshop.

Online – from anywhere in the world!

  8am –  3pm   Pacific 
  9am –  4pm   Mountain 
​10am –  5pm   Central 
11am –  6pm   Eastern
04pm – 11pm  London


  • Facilitator Manual: Fourty pages of supporting information to study before workshop.
  • Surrogation Protocol: This process allows you to perform muscle testing for partners/clients at a distance.
  • Messages Protocol: Situations and conditions may be transformed simply by identifying and Balancing meaningful goals. However, they commonly represent a  superconscious attempt to bring something important to your attention (or to a Partner’s attention when working at a distance) in the form of a message (e.g., an insight, a change in perspective, a life style change, etc.). The protocol assists in identifying such messages as well as any necessary Balances to transform the situation or condition.
  • Session work in triads: Put into practice everything you learn facilitating sessions with other class participants. Triads have a Facilitator, Partner and Observer. Each participant will facilitate a 40 minute session, have an opportunity to be a partner and an observer to gain valuable perspective from all three roles and share feedback with each other to build your confidence and skill.
  • This workshop will qualify you for participation in the Preferred Facilitator Program with a llisting on the PSYCH-K® website.


  • ​Successful completion of Online – Level 1 is a prerequisite to this class. Attending the In-Person Basic will not qualify you attend the Online – Level 2
  • Proficiency in Self-Muscle Testing – If you have not yet mastered this you may want to consider a private session to focus on this skillset as our daily cirriculumn focuses on new material
  • Strong familiarity in the balancing process
  • You have completed at least 10 hours of self-facilitation since your Online Level 1 workshop
  • ​Printer access for printing material before the workshop begins
  • A very good and stable internet connection for the duration of the workshop
  • A good computer or laptop where you download the Zoom application (it is not possible to participate via a browser link to Zoom, nor via a Tablet, iPad or mobile phone)
  • Good speakers or preferably a head set
  • A space where you can place paper to take notes
  • A silent place where you will be uninterrupted by people and pets – silence in the environment around you is important for yourself and other participants during the workshop
  • Commitment to be present for all 4 days from beginning to end. No exceptions are allowed. This is a live event and no recordings or replays will be available.
  • It is important you can read and follow instructions in English


Due to a heavy travel and client scheduled, email is the best way to contact:

Or, leave a detailed message at this landline for a call back: 1(972) 234-6733
Text any questions to: 1(972) 365-1335

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