PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 2


You have learned and applied PSYCH-K® for yourself… now it is time to facilitate with others!

Join this Online Workshop – Level 2 to expand the gift of you and PSYCH-K® to others online.

ONLINE with Zoom: May 8, 9, 10 & 11, 2024 from 9am to 4pm US Central time/ 10am to 5pm US Eastern Time

[Pre-requisite is the PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1]

The PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 2 is to support you in expanding from facilitating with yourself only to facilitating PSYCH-K® sessions with others at a distance using online video or by phone.

Once completed, you can use the designation of PSYCH-K® Facilitator and choose to be listed on the international PSYCH-K® website.

The intended end results are:

  • Comfort and experience using facilitation skills with others
  • Expansion into offering PSYCH-K® online or over the phone
  • Ease, confidence, and clarity as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator

If you also want to learn how to do PSYCH-K® In-Person with others, the in-person PSYCH-K®️ Basic Workshop, is the foundation workshop followed by the in-person Master Facilitation Workshop to expand into facilitating online.


“So grateful to have the new information about messages and to have expanded my skills for facilitating PSYCH-K® with myself AND being able to help others too!”

“I have learned to trust my intuition, keep it simple, and go with the flow. Thank you.”

In the PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 2 you will learn how to:

  • Adapt what you learned in Online – Level 1 from using only for yourself to working with others long distance
  • Surrogate your Partner for long distance sessions
  • Transform the perception of stress into a state of peace with a Partner
  • Discover spiritual messages that may be present in challenging situations
  • Understand how to work with secondary gains at a deeper level
  • Conduct effective and dynamic online video sessions from start to finish
  • Conduct effective and dynamic phone sessions from start to finish
  • Benefit from Balances you facilitate with others and that they facilitate with you
  • Resolve occasional exceptions to the Balance processes
  • Expand your facilitation skills based on helpful feedback after each session
  • Expand your perception about yourself as a professional PSYCH-K® Facilitator
  • Develop a personal core-connection statement describing your role as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator
  • Use the designation of PSYCH-K® Facilitator and be listed on the international PSYCH-K® website, if you choose
  • Step confidently onto the road of mastering the art of facilitating PSYCH-K®!

In preparation for the workshop, you will receive the PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 2 Facilitator’s Manual which is a valuable resource for understanding and facilitating successful private sessions.

After the workshop, you will be invited to attend a post-workshop call and receive a document with additional information on subjects such as marketing, how to conduct an effective presentation of PSYCH-K® to groups and organizations, the dos and don’ts of conducting private sessions, and much more.

The PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 2 available for anyone around the world via Zoom.

Instructor: Robin Graham

Date: May 8, 9, 10 & 11, 2024 from 9am to 4pm US Central time/ 10am to 5pm ET

Register for $1350 USD

Once registered, Workshop Material and Zoom info will be provided prior to the workshop.

For additional information about Robin or PSYCH-K®:


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