PSYCH-K Online at Workshop – Level 2


Dear Super Conscious Creator!

If you have attended Online Workshop Level 1 and are ready to start Facilitating PSYCH-K® with others then Online Level 2 is for you!

The new and improved 4-Day PSYCH-K® Online Workshop Level 2 will teach you step by step how to facilitate high level private sessions with friends, family and clients on video and phone calls using the Surrogation technique for muscle testing.

This workshop will give you great confidence, ease and effectiveness with all the opportunity to practice you need as you start your PSYCH-K Facilitator journey.

This workshop will be more powerful than you can imagine and I’d be honoured to take this journey with you.

A Great Big Hug. Ian ♥♥♥♥♥


 The Goals of the Workshop 

  • Fine tune current PSYCH-K® skills
  • Develop facilitation skills when working with others
  • Expand creativity and flexibility about goals
  • Learn and use PSYCH-K® for long distance sessions
  • Create & maintain Isumataq environment
  • Transform personally
  • Plus so much more


What you will learn

  • Learn the unique anatomy of a PSYCH-K® Private Session
  • How to Facilitate PSYCH-K® with friends, family & clients on phone or video calls
  • Master the Surrogation Technique to Muscle Test on your Partners Behalf at a distance and work with people all over the world
  • Practice the specific language to expertly Facilitate the New Direction and TPS with a Partner
  • Discover 3 different ways to receive messages from the Superconscious Mind
  • A ton of practice doing real life PSYCH-K® Sessions for confidence working with clients & charging money
  • Option to get listed as a PSYCH-K® Preferred Facilitator
  • Ongoing practice as a Facilitator and Partner after the workshop


Workshop Times

The workshop will start at 9am and finish latest 4pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST or Sydney Time) each day. There will be an hour for lunch and some smaller breaks for morning and afternoon tea!


Register Here for the PSYCH-K® Online Workshop-Level 2


Book a Free Discovery Call with Ian

Book a FREE 15 Minute Zoom Discovery Call with me and i’ll give you a Personalised Overview, Answer ALL Your Questions, Let YOU Know What to Expect if you decide to join me for this very special PSYCH-K® experience. When you book you’ll also be sent send you some of my  favourite resources. I would love to meet YOU!  ♥♥♥♥♥


Instructor Ian Spicer

Since 2006, I have worked with more than 5000 people in Private Sessions and since 2010  has taught over 250 PSYCH-K® Workshops to more than 4000 people all over the world. I teaches the In-Person Basic Workshop, Advanced Integration Workshop, Master Facilitation Workshop, Divine Integration Retreat, Online Level 1 Workshop and Online Level 2 Workshop.

I am deeply passionate about PSYCH-K® and sharing this wonderful process with people in a way that makes it easy for them to understand and inspired to use it in their every day life. I prides himself on always creating a safe and fun workshop environment for the transformation that always takes place.


200 X 5-Star Reviews for PSYCH-K Instructor Ian Spicer


After Workshop Support

After you have completed the workshop Ian makes himself available to answer questions, troubleshoot and help keep you on track. Almost always they are simple pieces of advice that people require to get them moving,  however, if you don’t have easy access to this advice it can slow you down dramatically.


Contact Ian Spicer

Please contact me via text or Whatsapp on +61-414-426-486 (0414 426 486 in Australia) or email me at I’d love to hear from you


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