PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, Des Moines, IA


This is a 3 day workshop and it is the prerequisite for all the other workshops.

PSYCH-K® is a process developed by Rob Williams in 1988. It combines principles from neuroscience and kinesiology with concepts from psychology to help you change subconscious beliefs that may be limiting you. In other words, PSYCH-K® transforms subconscious limitings beliefs into beliefs that support you in many areas of your life . It will help enhance personal growth, improve relationships, alle:  Approved to aviate stress, create better health and deal with unresolved grief.

In the workshop we discover what we really want and transform any resistance into getting to where we really would like to be . You will also learn how to muscle test others and yourself.

For additional information and registration please contact Beth Holstein at 

phone# 5633575704


Nurses CNE :  Approved to award 20 contact hours offered to US RNs with a $15 processing fee through 10/26/2024, AHNA#1714. This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved  by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approved by the American Nurses Credentialing Center”s Commission on Accreditation.

Approved for contact hours throu the merican Holistic Nurses Association is based on assessment of the educational merit of this program and does not constitute endorsement of the use of any specific modality in the care of clients.

CEUs fo NTPS Approved.  Nutritional Therapy Association for Nutritional Practitioners (NTP’s) receive 10 CEU’s for the Basic Workshop by providing you Affirmation of Attendance provided at the Basic Workshop

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