Psych-K® Online workshop Level 1


We are very excited to teach or first Online workshop

In the PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1 you will learn

  • The science behind PSYCH-K® explained by Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist, best-selling author and world-renowned speaker.
  • How to create a powerful collaboration between your conscious, subconscious, and superconscious minds, in order to transform limiting beliefs and achieve your desired goals in life.
  • How to use Muscle Testing to communicate directly with your subconscious mind, where at least 95% of your thoughts and actions originate.
  • How to speak the language of your subconscious mind that is different from the language of your conscious mind!
  • How to transform the perception of a stressful or traumatic event from the past that limits the full expression of your life in the present.
  • How to use a simple 4-step PSYCH-K® process to help resolve problems and stressors in your daily life.
  • How to utilize the Wisdom of Mother Nature in every area of your life, by integrating eleven key Principles of Nature that you will learn in the workshop.
  • How, besides serving yourself, you can also serve all of humanity simply and effectively by using a specific process called The GAIA Protocol!

The PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1 is a three-day workshop, scheduled from 9:00am to 4:00pm and is taught by Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors worldwide.

This workshop is available in many of the most popular languages in the world (English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, French, Turkish), in the time zones that suit you best! Click here to see all available PSYCH-K® Online Workshop – Level 1!

An advantage of the Online Workshop is the convenience of not having to travel, as well as avoiding the expense of travel, food and accommodations.

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