Workshop Schedule

Please use the SEARCH function below to find a Workshop (Keep the search as wide as possible in order to find the most available workshops). 

All our workshops are done in person — there are no online workshops for PSYCH-K®.

  • Start by looking for the type of workshop you want to find and click the SEARCH BUTTON – leave all other fields blank to get the complete list of all upcoming workshops worldwide.
  • Advanced Workshop
  • Divine Integration Retreat
  • Health and Wellbeing Program
  • Master Facilitation Workshop
  • Then you can add the country where you would like to attend
  • If you know the name of the Certified Instructor you would like to take the workshop with, you may add the name to the search
  • You may add the state to the search (take into account that this narrows the search to a point that it may come out empty – keep your options as open as possible)
  • If no workshops show up that are convenient for you, write to so that we may give you other alternatives


  • Just because no Instructor lives in a given country doesn’t mean that no workshops are taught there. You can search in different countries to see all workshops available.
  • Except for the Basic PSYCH-K Workshop, all other Workshops have prerequisites.

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