PSYCH-K® Centre Preferred Affiliate Program

Prerequisites for PSYCH-K Preferred Affiliates

The Preferred Affiliate must complete the following steps to qualify for the program.

  1. Complete the Basic PSYCH-K Workshop.
  2. Complete the PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop.
  3. Complete the PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop.
  4. Email confirmation of completion of the above workshops, listing the dates of completion, and the names of the workshop Instructors to
  5. Upon confirmation of qualifications, you will receive a link to sign a Preferred Affiliate Licensing Agreement.
  6. Pay the annual fee of $75.00 US to be listed as a PSYCH-K Preferred Affiliate.  Further information will be provided to complete your listing on the website.

Benefits of being a PSYCH-K Preferred Affiliate:

  • A Preferred Affiliate in good standing will have an opportunity to have an informational listing in the Preferred Affiliate section of the PSYCH-K® Centre International website, as a means of assisting in obtaining referrals for private sessions in his or her geographic area.
  • You will be authorized by PSYCH-K Centre International to host local practice sessions with PSYCH-K workshop graduates in order to help increase their knowledge and experience of PSYCH-K, and to introduce them to opportunities for private session work with the Preferred Affiliate.
  • Join a community of individuals dedicated to sharing the life-transforming process of PSYCH-K with the world!

For more details about this program, contact:

Note: The Myrddin Corporation aka, the PSYCH-K Centre International reserves the right to change these prerequisites and benefits at its sole discretion..