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Glory Ann Penington

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Train Wreck! We’ve all been in one ~ whether it’s relationship, job or health. When I was in an actual Amtrak derailment in 2016, it became very apparent why that term is used for a traumatic event… After being double-concussed and knocked out for 30+ minutes, as I crawled out of my overturned railcar I had a very clear understanding of just how my subconscious was directing my body to act in the best interest of keeping me alive. However afterwards, I was determined not to live the rest of my life with PTSD in reaction to an event that was no longer happening ~ not every loud noise is a train wreck! ~ but wasn’t exactly sure how to quell that reaction. PSYCH-K® literally found me: my new Taos neighbors turned out to be Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®, and his wife Raes ~ who very kindly offered to let me experience PSYCH-K® and Balance for the stress that was still occurring. I now relish watching clients experience the self-empowerment that I did, quickly changing their self-limiting beliefs to ones that help them fulfill their highest purpose.

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