Siobhan Condon - Melbourne

Siobhan Condon - Melbourne

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I have always understood the power of the mind and the impact that stress can have over EVERYTHING, but I was so frustrated as I wasn’t able to make the changes that I wanted. I knew that my subconscious was in the driving seat, but I didn’t have the tools to change the beliefs that were keeping me stuck and on a merry-go-round that wouldn’t stop.

Until I discovered PSYCH-K®.

Through something so simple, yet so powerful, I started to change my life. Slowly I unpacked my beliefs that were limiting me from living the life that I always wanted. It inspired me to study PSYCH-K® so that I could learn techniques to empower others to change their lives. It also inspired me to leave a 20+ year advertising career and choose health and happiness.

As I have completed the Basic, Advanced and Master Facilitator workshops, I am qualified to facilitate the more advanced PSYCH-K® Balances including the Relationship and Core Belief Balances.

Are you feeling stuck and perpetually attracting the same things in your life? Contact me to see how together we can start to unpack the beliefs that have been holding you back. I can’t wait to work with you.

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Master Facilitation Workshop