Sharon Lock

Sharon Lock

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I have a background in Homeopathy, graduating as a Homeopath in 2002.
When I added the use of Muscle testing to my Homeopathic practice I was impressed with it's ability to directly communicate with my clients in a different way. I was blown away with the results we were able to achieve when we tapped in to their own innate wisdom. It was a new and different experience for them too, learning that the wisdom was already within them and that I was not the one with all the answers.

PSYCH-K® found me in 2008 and I have been using it with Clients ever since.

I am absolutely passionate about PSYCH-K® and have been astonished by the results I have seen working with myself, my family and with clients. PSYCH-K® has changed my life on every level and for that I am truly grateful. My youngest son was conceived just 7 days after completing the Advanced Integration Workshop, following 4 years of trying to conceive and a traumatic miscarriage in 2007.

I am so blessed to support others to create the change in their lives they are searching for and to empower them to create their own path home to health, wellbeing and fulfilment in life.

These days my sole focus is PSYCH-K® having let go of my Homeopathic practice in 2016 to become a PSYCH-K® Instructor. I currently support others through 1-1 sessions and have been teaching the Basic PSYCH-K® Workshop since 2017.

I am available for both in person and online consultations and teach regular workshops in the UK.

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Online, In-person

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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