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My Journey towards energy work started in 1995 when I first learned Reiki just for fun and no intention to believe in it, and I was surprised to know that life is not just maths, science, computers and logic. There is something beyond logic beyond our understanding people call it the cosmic powers or universe energy and some people name it God.

Even then, as a very stubborn and rational-minded person, I was not ready to accept that just words and some divine energy can help us to resolve so many issues. I used to think problems are not easy to resolve; regardless, my curiosity took me into this path. Later I became a reiki master teacher, then clinical hypnotherapist, paranormal specialist, past life regression specialist, Hypno baby birthing, NLP, tarot card, Vastu Shasta, pyramid Vastu, Feng Shui, astrology, stage hypnosis and finally I learned psych-k®. Without realizing the shift when I, a computer professional, became a professional in energy work.

Now, I feel content when I help clients relieve their stress and whatever problems they may have. It is lovely to hear that someone feels good because I am there for them, listen to, care for and to make a difference in their life. Just love yourself, respect yourself, feel good about yourself, and if you cannot do it, then I am here to help facilitate you so that you can.

I not sure are you excited or you are determined to help yourself and I am sure when you will decide to help yourself you know I am there for you and together we will resolve what ever needs to be resolved to move further in life.

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Master Facilitation Workshop