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Hi! My name is Gwendolyn Pfister and I am a PSYCH-K® Facilitator that has combined my compassionate and devoted being to helping others achieve magical and supernatural change in their lives. I am a Psychologist by trade and a case worker that works one on one with clients for life change as a career. However, most of my life I was propelled to ask questions at a very young age about: isn’t there more to life than just drudging through and isn’t there more to this life than what is told to us? From there my questions propelled me to journey through many spiritual and self healing modalities and techniques. But after finding PSYCH-K®, it seemed that searching for the ”perfect” modality was achieved.
As a recipient and Facilitator of PSYCH-K®, I know personally how it changes lives as I have seen it change mine. I am still in awe of the wonders it does in such a simplistic manner. No matter your existing beliefs or station in life, it can work for you. It allows me to embrace my own empathic gifts and gifts of detecting the nuanced things that may be overlooked by the person who needs the healing themselves and help to bring that peace of knowing the blockage they have obstructing their healing and change potential.
Allow wonders to unfold with the power within you along with the magnificent tool of PSYCH-K®.

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