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Peter Timbrell

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For most of my working life, I have either been running my own businesses or managing those of others. Regardless of success, however, I had always felt there was something lacking, something of real importance missing, especially later on in my life.

In 2010 I decided to do some research, which took me on a five-year spiritual journey in an attempt to try to find that 'important something'. My fascinating, metaphorical trip, brought me eventually to a certain Dr. Bruce Lipton and in turn, Rob Williams and PYSCH-K®. I knew then I had found my 'holy grail' and immediately began my studies.

As an advanced facilitator, I now specialise in PYSCH-K® and have experienced some incredible results. Whether working with clients face to face or in surrogation with others, thousands of miles away, the results have proven to be remarkable.

Helping people shed themselves of deep-seated, life-inhibiting beliefs and phobias is a real privilege. Animals respond particularly quickly too, from hamsters to horses. I have witnessed, many times, stressed clients reclaim the successful and happy lives that were rightfully theirs. And unlike psychotherapy, for example, even life-long inhibitions can be disarmed in minutes - for good. Please see the testimonials on my website.

My life too has been revived, through helping the transformation of others. Who knows, PSYCH-K®, this remarkable modality, may well prove to be key to the nurturing of a peaceful, happy and loving global community and a world that this planet was always designed to be.

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