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Invest in your well being by helping your cells live in the greatest harmony possible. Your body's cellular environment and energy flow can be blocked by the effects of limiting beliefs. Take control of your life and experience less stress, better cognitive functioning, and more satisfaction in life. Karen is a PSYCH-K Instructor and Health and Wellness Facilitator, She is highly trained in all PSYCH-K processes. She is happy to help you gain the best possible outcome using any or all of the PSYCH-K processes. Karen started using PSYCH-K in July 2009 and was so impressed with her own changes she became a Certified PSYCH-K Instructor in March 2010. She teaches PSYCH-K Workshops nearly every weekend of the year, Karen is committed to helping people reclaim the personal power society has trained us to give away. "Be the Master of YOUR Universe; engage the power of your subconscious mind!" Karen McKy MHt Call to schedule your personal session now! +1 719-648-3070, www.SubconsciousChange.com

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