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As an energy healing practitioner and bodyworker, it's my passion to help others live in well-being and to shine in resounding radiance. I believe each individual holds within them the most important key related to their health and happiness, and that subconscious beliefs play an extremely powerful role in shaping one’s life experience. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

I was first introduced to PYSCH-K in 2014 and was astounded by how fast and effortlessly it cleared a phobia I'd carried since birth. The process took mere minutes from start to finish! As a practicing hypnotherapist, I was intrigued to know more. Until then, I'd been taught that therapeutic shifts facilitated at the subconscious level were best applied through a state of trance, involving a much longer process. I discovered that not only does PSYCH-K have the potential to create powerful change very quickly, it's also fun and long lasting. It also honors the higher intelligence of each individual as part of its process. With that, I knew I needed to learn PSYCH-K so I could share its gifts with others.

In summary, PSYCH-K offers a unique, powerful, ground-breaking approach to creating change at the subconscious level, whereby the beliefs that limit you are transformed into beliefs that support you—beliefs that support every aspect of your life. Whether you’re seeking help as you face life’s challenges or you’re satisfied but seeking a more enriching life experience, PSYCH-K is the tool for you. PSYCH-K transcends methods of affirmation, will power and positive thinking, and incorporates tools from both ancient mind-body wisdom and contemporary neuroscience. It must be experienced to be believed!

Based in Seattle, I offer both remote and in-person sessions. Clients often say they appreciate the peaceful, nurturing presence I offer, and sacred space created in which they feel relaxed and supported in our work together. If you’re curious to experience PSYCH-K, I'd be delighted and honored to work with you.

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