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Duccio Locati

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My name is Duccio Locati, and here is a brief outline of my experience to date.

After obtaining a diploma at the Istituto Superiore di Osteopatia in Milan, I took a B.Sc. Ost. Bachelor of Science in Osteopathy, at Wells University, Great Britain.

I followed several post-graduate courses in Osteopathy in Italy, France, England and the United States, to further my knowledge and understanding of this wonderful profession.

As my interest in the connection between the mind and body grew, and as I discovered the incredible self-healing capacities of the human body, I extended my studies beyond the osteopathic field by attending a two year course in Biological Medicine, based on the 5 Biological Laws.

After reading ”The Biology of Belief” by Bruce Lipton, I continued my training by attending a basic and advanced course of PSYCH-K®. As I began to appreciate the huge potential, immediacy and simplicity of this methodology, I decided to become a certified PSYCH-K® instructor in order to share this fantastic experience with those wishing to take control of their own lives.

With an aim to be increasingly effective but also less invasive in my job , and for my personal growth, I have attended various seminars held by Cristobal and Alejandro Jodorowsky about family tree Psych Genealogy, learning about all the influences that it can have on different aspects of life and finding interesting connections with PSYCH-K® and with all that I had previously learned.

Having an inquisitive mind and always eager to embrace change, I took the opportunity to meet Serge Kahili, the leading exponent of the Huna philosophy from which a great deal of PSYCH-K® is derived, and to attend 2 intensive courses held by him.
This experience allowed me to deepen the awareness that changing our reality is not only possible but also a duty towards ourselves and those around us.

In 2011, Rob Williams, PSYCH-K originator, asked me to direct the PSYCH-K Health and Wellbeing Program, course that I love to share all around the world with people willing to use PSYCH-K at a very high level, especially in the Health and Wellness field.

Both in my job and in the various courses I hold I do my best to share my experiences and to convey everything I have been fortunate enough to learn over the years and for which I am so grateful every day.

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