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Hello beautiful souls,

I work with anxious, overwhelmed and unhappy MOTHERS, who are in physical, emotional and mental pain. I help them to regain mental & emotional control and have more clarity to access a different level of SELF. Self -care, self- acceptance, self-confidence, self-love, etc...

Having those foundation beliefs in the subconscious mind gives us, women, the opportunity to create more space for inner peace, harmony and guilt -free fun back in our lives leading us to be better mothers and having the opportunity to model healthier behaviours to our children!!!!

Children learn by observing us as parents... I am embarrassed to say that I wish I not only knew that when my kids were very little but also that someone could guide me into the right direction to practice these principles for my own self first and foremost .

Lesson learned and this became one of my favourite phrases …
"We cannot give from an empty cup! "

Making the choice to fill our cups FIRST is one of the most powerful healing potions we can “drink “ and share with our loved ones … in special if you are a MOTHER

I now know how to RECEIVE with more ease and joy. It made a huge difference in my capacity of having tolerance, patience and love with myself, my husband, my family, and in particular, with my daughter with disability.

We women must learn to RECEIVE! Giving & receiving is an Universal Law!!!

“ It is in giving that we receive AND it is in receiving that we have it enough to keep the universal law going “

Learning to make the choice to stop with all the guilt & self-sabotage behaviours and having the great will power & discipline to make different choices for ourselves is an essential part of our journeys to a healthier, wealthier and HAPPIER life!!!!

Love ,

Leia G.

A little bit about me and my journey …

I have 18 years of clinical experience as a qualified and registered physiotherapist. In addition to that, in the last 4 years I became a yoga & meditation teacher, an energy & spiritual healer and mindset reprograming facilitator using PSYCH-K as the main tool for that.

“Identifying the root cause of a person’s pain ( physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), helping them to understand why they’re hurting and empowering them to take control and actively engage in optimizing their health & choices – connecting their brain, body, mind & SOUL – underpins my passion for Physiotherapy, Health & Healing “.

A little about my life experiences that led me to be WHO I AM today and how I chose to work with PSYCH-K and other amazing tools...

4 years ago I hit rock bottom in my personal/family life and could not see the light at the end of the tunnel.

My Husband and I met in 2006 and soon after got married and opened our small physiotherapy practice ( he is also a physiotherapist ) and for a few years we were navigating our "relation-SHIT" but we had a lot of issues...

We had our first daughter in 2010 and not long after the 2011 floods hit our home and we found ourselves without a place to live. And soon after, we found out we were pregnant with our second daughter.

OMG, we had no place to live and had another baby on the way ... and to add to the chaos Luanna, our first born, was really struggling with global development delay, she was vomiting a lot, sick with ear infections and I our doctor was still saying that it was ok and normal … that she simply had an allergy to cow’s milk and she probably needed to get used slowly to shifting from breast milk to formula ...

I had had enough so I decide to change doctor. The new doctor requested an MRI of her brain and when we got the results, my world fell apart!!! My baby daughter 's brain was very “malformed “and she likely had a syndrome that did not fit with the more common ones. We then went into a journey of appointments to get more tests done… the 1 in 4 chance that our unborn baby could also have a similar syndrome added even more panic, trauma and stress to my life and pregnancy .

Fast forwarding to the birth of my second daughter, Gabriella was healthy and beautiful. We made sure to do lots of tests on her to KNOW that she was “normal”. But, her fist year of life showed me that even though her brain was healthy, she was also a suffering baby. Gabriella screamed non-stop if she was away from me, her dear mummy. She would not go to anyone but me. It was very draining, but I needed to be there for her. She “settled” quite a bit once we stopped breastfeeding. She had many more food allergies that were passed onto her through as I still ate tomatoes, eggs and many other foods that we did not know she was allergic to it.

Cutting it short, after many years of struggling and learning to be a mother to a daughter with special needs and another daughter with extra food allergies. My life was pretty much about cooking, cleaning, cooking some more, cleaning some more, crying in between, driving to many different appointments and hospitals and drinking lots of alcohol. In the middle of all , I was still working for a few hours a week with my athletes so I could have a break from my family and some moments of sanity ... OR pretending to the world and to myself that everything was under control!!!!

I was so run down that I didn’t have any energy left to even think about me … I had a husband to attend to, children to look after and my career to keep up to it !

Fake it until you make it was definitely the motto I had unconsciously!!!

I was in a lot of EMOTIONAL pain... But I did not know how to change. I went to many different people, psychologists, energy healers and felt relief from the pain however the emotional PAIN would creep back in...

Funny enough, after having a Healing session, I had an aha moment.

I had been teaching patients in physical pain how to retrain their brain to modify the perception of pain as well as commit to themselves in different language structure as part of rewiring the brain for safety and other protection mechanisms of the brain.... All research based etc...
AND I never realised that similar principles applied for my own EMOTIONAL pain
Such as changing my thoughts, using breathing techniques to calm the anxious brain and the list goes on....

I realised that I had a lot of mental and emotional limiting beliefs, that even though I had NO PHYSICAL pain, that I also could use the same principles for my own self.
I chose to have different perspectives about not only my crumbling life my but also about the world around me... the I went on into more brain/mind /soul training …
I started studying and PRACTCING spiritual and energetic tools to use on my day to day in addition to my own physical practices… so I could have more harmony in my personal/family life!

And it worked! 4 years later, I am still married to the same man and have more peace with the challenges that children, work and life throws at me!
Physical, energetic AND spiritual strength!

I recovered from my roller coaster of emotional pain and I am much more stable. I have been working and sharing these amazing principles to empower other women to do the same. I have worked already with hundreds of women all over the world, but specially in QLD, Australia.

My work is also online, which makes it much easier to connect with anyone wanting my assistance!

Working with yoga, meditation, energy healing and PSYCH-K has been a big part of my journey.

So, here I am ready to facilitate your journey to more inner peace, joy and internal freedom!

Looking forward to meeting you.

Much divine love, light and POWER to all.
Léia G.

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