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Karolina Kuraj

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My passion and mission on Earth is to bring more awareness, more joy, more expansion and more fulfilment into our lives! I absolutely LOVE helping people to rediscover their authentic self and achieve the state of wholeness and integration.


1. 15 min discovery session - phone call before the PSYCH-K® session to tune into each other, talk about your challenges and establish great connection between us.

2. Quiz: Discover Your #1 Limiting Belief - free access to my quiz, which will help you determine what belief restricts you the most from achieving your goals.

3. $20 Amazon.com gift card - combined with a list of my 10 favorite spiritual books including 1 that I'll personally recommend you read first based on our session and what I feel you need the most.

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I have personally been through many emotional issues like abandonment, lack of self-confidence, shame, guilt, powerlessness, insecurity and many others, so I can totally relate to you and I can really understand what you are going through.

I specialise in helping business leaders resolve their stress and overcome limiting beliefs so that they can achieve even more success and maintain the balance between their life at work and at home.


Besides being a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, I am an experienced healer and personal transformation coach with the following skills:

- The Completion Process Certified Practitioner - helping you resolve your intense emotions and traumas using inner child work

- The Emotion Code™ practitioner - releasing trapped emotions from your body and your subconscious Heart Wall

- NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) facilitator - creating clearer communication between conscious and unconscious mental processes

- Reiki healer - energy healing level 2

- meditation guide - I created my own Chakra Meditation Method™, which has you feel your emotions deeply and leads to a more positive life.

I have a lot of experience working with various people on different types of traumas and challenges and therefore I am %100 SURE I can help you!

I’m looking forward to facilitating your growth and expansion!

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Online, In-person, Phone

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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