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Alison Held Anderson

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I bring over 17 years as an Energy Healer & Well-Being Catalyst. I’ve successfully coached tens of thousands of individuals through their healing journeys and I want to help you too!

"With your help, I’m finally breaking through the patterns that have been so painfully entrenched for 50 years. I’m so glad I found you!"
- Lisa Knapp (in-person and phone sessions)

I work with clients all throughout the world via Zoom and also have an office space in Westport, CT for in-person sessions. 90% of my clients are via Zoom.

"Alison has been an indispensable resource to me. She is exceptionally skilled at getting to the root cause with caring and tenacity. Her extensive education, blended with her gift for insight and intuition create a healing cocktail which has helped me make substantial improvements in well-being in a short period of time. I clearly see results of our work in both my personal and professional life. As a practitioner I have high standards. Alison exceeds these."
- Vera Flame (virtual Zoom sessions)

"I really needed today to align myself with my inner voice, soul, and whole being-It was a gift to hear my father's message! I walk around smiling knowing he is proud and nearby. Forgiveness is a wonderful asset for growth which allows the barriers to break down and allow the light to shine. There was so much accomplished today during my session!"
- Peggy (virtual zoom sessions)

"Whatever is going on for you, don’t hold back. Bring it to Alison because she has your back and she’s also just a delight to work with.”
- Christina Frei (virtual Zoom sessions and in-person sessions)

"Working with Alison has been an amazing experience! I was already familiar with PSYCH-K® and energy healing, and the importance of belief and mindset work at the subconscious level, which made me seek out her services. I was so impressed by how much she fit in to our session. The healing and insight I received has helped me move forward in my health and business. Don't hesitate or wait to try this out and change your life! Your reading this because you want to change. Take the next step!" - Kyla Phillips (virtual Zoom sessions)

Reach out anytime! I offer a complimentary 15 min consultation to make sure we're a good fit. I have extensive experience helping my clients overcome health challenges, relationship issues, living life full of purpose, and so much more!

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In-person, Phone, Online

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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