Alison Held Anderson

Alison Held Anderson

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Years of PSYCH-K experience: 13 (first PSYCH-K training in 2007)
Years in full-time private practice: 15+
Working with clients all throughout the world via Zoom & in-person sessions in CT or on location are available too

Alison Anderson's highly intuitive and collaborative style helps melt away limiting “roadblocks” around the areas of food sensitivities and allergies, health concerns, life challenges, phobias, and more..

Alison has a Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition, is a Certified Health Coach, and is professionally trained and self-taught in many modalities including PSYCH-K®.

She took her first PSYCH-K® training in 2007 and has completed PSYCH-K® Basic, Advanced, Pro, Master, and Health & Well-being facilitation levels/

Here are two testimonials to give you a taste of what it is like to work with Alison:

"Whatever is going on for you, don’t hold back. Bring it to Alison because she has your back and she’s also just a delight to work with.” (zoom and in-person sessions)

“Working with Alison has been an amazing experience! I was so impressed by how much she fit in to our sessions. The healing and insight I received has helped me move forward in my health and business. I plan on continuing my work with Alison because there are always opportunities for growth and change. Don’t hesitate or wait to try this out and change your life! Your reading this because you want to change. Take the next step!" (zoom sessions).

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In-person, Phone, Online

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program, PSYCH-K® Pro

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