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Hi I'm Gemma from Awkward Conversations, helping teenage girls bounce back beautifully after bullying.

Detrimental beliefs about ourselves can be created and perpetuated after experiencing bullying - wether you have been bullied, have been the bully or have witnessed bullying - adding fuel to the fire during an already emotionally stressful time.

This combination of negative beliefs and stressful emotions, including; upset, anger, frustration, confusion and sadness to name just a few, alter our perceptions and begin to form the story we tell ourselves about our own self , other people and the world around us.

This can lead to defensive, protective and unwanted behaviours that only create more of the same experiences that justify our beliefs to be 'true' in our eyes.

A self fulfilling prophecy and cycle begins that can continue into adulthood and the rest of our lives, affecting our relationships, health, mental health and career choices if left unchallenged.

By using the simple and effective techniques of PSYCH-K® I facilitate teenage girls to:
- Gain a new perspective from their experience
- Change their beliefs at a subconscious level
- Release perceptions of stress and anxiety
- Take new actions to change behaviours and create a new self story

All with the aim of helping teenage girls to take back their power and energy by believing in themselves so they can become more confident, determined and self-aware young women, whilst also having healthier relationships with themselves and others. Its all about having happier and better connected life!

I have spent 18 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and Pilates teacher working with all types of people from aged 2 - 72.
I am also a Certified coach in Personal Development, Education coaching, and Narrative coaching, I am an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist.
PSYCH-K® was my missing piece in my complete holistic approach to helping people.

From my experience it is your beliefs and level of energy that have the biggest influence on achieving your dreams and goals and enjoying the process along the way.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my life was the unexpected death of my big sister. This experience showed me all the beliefs I had about myself and how these detrimental beliefs made an already life changing challenge harder than it needed to be.
I have often said it is not the situation we find ourselves in, but how we feel about ourselves in regards to the situation that makes the difference in how we overcome it.

My passion for helping young women, is not to remove challenges or clear the way, for them, instead it is to equip them with empowering beliefs that they have the self worth and resources to achieve anything their heart desires.
To seek new challenges and experiences.
To see their uniqueness as their value and be an inspiration to others.

To find out how I can help your young daughter, please contact me today.


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