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Donna Weisensel

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“If you are strong and resolute and have lots of energy, you become obsessed with how much you can do and end up feeling inferior because you cannot do what you had hoped.” –Ohashi …I spent ~20 years in the Marketing Research industry acting out this quote. During that period I enjoyed putting the pieces of the puzzle together, performing timing & logistical miracles & mentoring others. PSYCH-K helped me with the more challenging aspects of having a corporate career, as well as revealing & healing issues surrounding traumatic life events, some of which were not presenting at a conscious level for me.
As a PSYCH-K facilitator, Licensed Massage Therapist & student of Oriental Medicine, I KNOW that we have the innate power to heal ourselves. PSYCH-K’s results-oriented approach perfectly complements any healing journey. If you are ready to invest in change, to create an upward spiral to a joyful & vibrant life, then I am ready to partner with you. Use your strength, resolution & energy to align with your inner wisdom & achieve your goals with PSYCH-K.

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