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My work is to assist you to embody your desired vibration. To help you to identify this vibration as you bring every aspect of your life into alignment. To help you finish your stories and open to reality. After even just a short time of this, my clients build and embody a new embodied skill set, a new muscle, which makes navigating life and decision making incredibly easy. This isn't mental work, this is true ascension work. Things vibrationally match or they don't. This is work I was born to do.
I am a 2/4 Emotional Authority Projector and Enneagram 7 with balanced wings.
All my life I've seen and experienced energy through a kinesthetic clairsentience, which is a great word to describe a sense we all have - embodied empathy - on steroids. I handled this as a child the only way I knew how, by burying it in my self-created identity and focusing on the material world as best I could. I could see all the way into people, and experienced a lot of cognitive dissonance as I learned to work with the human ego. Energies were overwhelming, and even with my upbringing, I had no framework with which to describe my inner world.
It took a lot of repetitive life lessons to get me to open up my channel and let what I naturally am come through. As I have embraced my own sight, and practiced trusting in it, I discovered a path to my healing power. I clearly feel the degrees energetic alignment, and channel the wisdom of that verbally, making me suited to the role of guide.
And who are you? You are in the process of empowering yourself by deconditioning any belief systems, patterns, habits, and polarized ways of thinking that have been holding you back from experiencing the fullness of yourself. You are becoming ever more conscious of your subconscious mind and its role in your life thus far. You are increasingly aware of what is not truly you, and are consciously casting off outdated and expired programs. Your subconscious has revealed itself to be a place not just of vast mystery, but also a malleable environment that can be altered and illuminated by your own intentions. It's a delight and a relief to find a modality or practice that can increase your own personal power. What are you most looking forward to about taking your power?

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