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Claudia Kiss (Higher Power)

PSYCH-K® facilitator (online, in-person, phone) & energy healer for animals.
we are looking for in-depth changes in subconscious believes in a result-orientated way (health, routines, basically anything...)

having tried several therapies, treatments before... based on experience PSYCH-K® is the most profound, permanent of them.

having high interest in ancient cultures: mixing some Buddhism, Christianity, Native American, Far Eastern, Middle Eastern values.

completed the Basic, Advanced and Master PSYCH-K® workshops as well, meaning I can choose from more techniques based on the partner's needs & life circumstances.

OFFER: free 15-minute online consultation - to have a feel on working together in future.

living in London, UK & being familiar with mentalities & way of thinking from English, French, German & Eastern European cultures.

in-person sessions: happy to visit you in your own home within reasonable distance & driving time for extra charge.

ability to treat animals with energy healing (favourites are dogs & cats); but can treat all kind of animals - sometimes can hear message from them - though not always guaranteed.

looking forward to receiving your text, call or whatsapp message.


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United Kingdom



London, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire



Session types:

In-person, Online, Phone

Training program:

Master Facilitation Workshop