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After spending twenty-years in the corporate world, I was burned out, had stomach issues for ten years, and painful fibroid tumors that required two surgeries and was facing a 5th knee surgery! I quit and discovered Dr. Bruce Lipton & the Biology of Beliefs and it changed my life. I avoided knee surgery by transforming the limiting beliefs that created fear, poor decisions, so I had behaviors that manifested strong healthy knees! It's 2020 and I run up and down my stairs, do ballet, scuba diving, power and strength classes, and my knees are stronger and more stable than when I was fifteen years old!

In 2007, I became a PSYCH-K Instructor and have taught 150+ workshops around the world and still LOVE IT!

I have worked with hundreds of people in one-on-one sessions and love working with people who are ready for BIG Changes in their life, who are making major transitions in their life, and are looking for accelerated spiritual growth.

I believe that our transformation is a gift as we are all connected and the evolution of humanity needs us.

I also believe that the Illusion of Separation and limiting subconscious beliefs are what is holding us back from self-realization and the shattering the boundaries of what is possible! Plus Dr. Bruce Lipton, and his best selling book, Biology of Beliefs has shown how subconscious beliefs has a huge impact on our health.

I would love to have you join me in a workshop or through a personal session!

With Love and Appreciation

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