Boravy Nhim

Boravy Nhim

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Boravy founded Soul Spirit Medicine in 2019 to help support individuals in their personal growth and ascension after becoming empowered to do the same in 2015. A born psychic, Boravy uses her gifts to connect with her clients’ energetic blueprint. As a breathwork facilitator, attuned reiki practitioner, and RYT200 her ability to create sacred space to support the nervous system ease into transmutation is masterful. Additionally, Boravy utilizes her trainings as a life coach and PSYCH-K® facilitator to support the actualization process into our higher selves. Boravy is an Oakland, CA native where she continues to reside to this day. However, she accepts remote clients and often travels abroad holding and attending retreats, workshops, and private sessions.

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Master Facilitation Workshop, Health and Wellbeing Program

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