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Thankfully I was introduced to PSYCH-K® and having found it I went on the first course I could find in Singapore.
That weekend changed my life incredibly and has put me on a new path that is filling me with joy again and has revitalized my enthusiasm for life.
Many modalities have helped me in my life including Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Reiki, EFT, Fast Track Technique, Meditation and Counseling but nothing has had such a fast, effective and lasting impact as PSYCH-K®.
In the Basic Workshop I was used as a “demonstration” for the rest of the class and the Instructor Facilitated the Transformation of the Perception of a Stressful Situation with me over the passing of Gucci (our Labrador). This took about five minutes and radically changed me from being unable to think about the end of her life to being able to think about it and enjoy the memories of the wonderful 12 years that we had together to the point of smiling instead of having to gasp for air and turn away from people to hide my emotions.
This moment for me was the turning point when I realised that I had to start practicing as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator in order that I could do with others what had been done with me. I believe it was literally lifesaving.
I immediately found another Basic Workshop to attend followed immediately by a Master Facilitation Workshop.
My life has changed dramatically since that course in so many ways that it has saved my marriage, enabled me to focus on my businesses instead of living in fear, enjoy the time I have with Patch (our remaining dog). I also plan on surfing again for the first time in many years.
Not only has PSYCH-K® helped me mentally but physically and removed my dependence on painkillers, sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication.
My passion now is working with people helping them to overcome trauma, underlying stress or subconscious beliefs that are affecting their lives and bringing them the freedom that I now experience.
I look forward to working with you to help you share in the peace and joy that I now have.
Tommo (Free Your Mind Services).


Jaz Goven.
Creator of Fast Track Technique & Magical U.

I have known about Psych-K for several years now but never had a session until last week and I wasn't disappointed either. Psych-K is fast, focused and efficient and Anthony Thomas has got this system nailed. He has the ability to explain how the modality works in layman's terms and then facilitate all of that with patience, compassion and simplicity. What I also enjoyed was that you don't have to go back into the past and re-hash old stories. Psych-K is a very useful process and I felt an opening and change in a very short space of time. Try it you'll like it.

Tommo introduced me to PSYCH-K, and I am really grateful that this happened. I had a lot of anxiety with meeting new people and I always had a lot of trouble with this in my life. If I need to meet new important people, I really like to go to Tommo as my facilitator. I feel stressed when I arrive, and I go out relaxed and confident. In my opinion Tommo really masters his practice and puts a lot of effort in doing it right. Things are clear, going fast and before I know it I feel better than ever before. I will certainly visit Tommo more often. 🙂

“I had a meeting that afternoon with an aggressive contractor, that I’d been dreading for days. The anxiety had become overwhelming... and I knew it would weaken my bargaining position.
In desperation, I turned to Tommo. I knew from the basic facilitator course we did together, that Tommo’s PSYCH-K skills & common sense approach, were what I needed. Tommo facilitated a balance to transform my perception of the stressful situation - and an extra balance to help me feel cheerful & nonchalant about the meeting! Both balances worked fantastically and I met the contractor in a positive frame of mind and feeling strong. We reached a compromise agreement that was better than I would have dreamed possible... and I was very relieved!
A very big ‘thank-you’ to Tommo for being such an excellent PSYCH-K facilitator!” Andrew (Pattaya, Thailand)

Carl Dyson.
I was having a really hard time with a breakup and work situations. I felt like there was nowhere to turn and saw no way forward till I did PHSYCH-K with Tommo.
Tommo was great as a facilitator. He made a hard situation relaxed and comfortable and transformed my life and I am looking forward to doing more.

If you’re somewhat sceptical about the incredible claims made by PK facilitators you would not be in the minority. While I was visiting the UK last summer my brother Tommo told me he was off to Singapore to do a basic course. His Dog had recently died and he had taken it badly. He felt like he was as at an all-time low and I was quite concerned by his melancholy.
After the course the change was immediate and miraculous. Never the less I assumed it was a bit of a placebo effect and was supportive when he decided to take part in an advance facilitator course as continuing with anything that made a difference to the positive had to be a good thing.
He has now reached a “level high” He is positive about life and proactive. He has decided to make PK a lifestyle and career.
He was keen to share such a positive experience with me but as a content person who is in the small minority that is actually happy with what he has I was not really keen to mess with the status quo. Eventually due to Tommo’s continued enthusiasm and obvious passion I decided that an area I could definitely use some help with was my complete phobia of admin.
Last week we did a PK session on the subject and this week has been a revelation. I have reorganized my filing system, turned out my draws, executed KYC for a trading account and enjoyed doing it.
I went into it with skepticism and have been surprised by the results. I’m converted to the system and have even recommended to my son who is about to embark on a life coaching diploma that he should include PK in his education. I guess the only way that you can really believe is to experience it for yourself.

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