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After you take the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, you know that we are the architects of our own journey as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Each of us enters the journey with PSYCH-K® from different starting points. These can include, relationship issues with ourselves, and others. Some of us face challenges with our health, or the health of a loved one.  Many of us have been hindered by traumatic experiences from our past. Others are looking for financial prosperity. An increasing number of Personal Coaches and therapists are discovering PSYCH-K®, and using it with their clients. And more and more, we see people who are seeking a deeper spiritual connection with the Divine Presence (Higher-Self) in their lives.

While it seems obvious that these are some of the reasons people look for PSYCH-K®, we believe it is also an opportunity used by one’s “superconscious mind” so that PSYCH-K® can find us! Often, it is a series of synchronicities that unite people with PSYCH-K®.

All of us at the PSYCH-K® Centre International, deeply honor your choice of being a kind of PSYCH-K® “shaman”, and a powerful architect of this co-created reality in which we are looking to support humanity in the next step of its evolution.

And because we know how committed you are to your journey, we want to help you help humanity – so, we now offer you a series of 11 videos in which you will have AN INTIMATE LOOK AT PSYCH-K® with ROB WILLIAMS.

“This video series will offer you the opportunity to get a better understanding of why YOU are so important, as an active participant in the next step of humanity´s evolution.”

~ Rob Williams – Originator of PSYCH-K®


We invite you to take the time to watch each video with the intention of going beyond just the meaningful and inspiring words you will find in each of them… take notes …, turn those notes into Goal Statements that speak to your deepest desires and inner knowing, then take the next… and most important step, to Balance for them! Remember, it is one thing to embrace an idea at the conscious level of the mind (which can be insightful and informative); it is quite another thing to internalize that idea at the subconscious level, where it can become a new way of thinking and living.

These videos are about WHY to do PSYCH-K® and WHY it is so important to use this sacred gift to help meet the challenges and opportunities of this critical time in the evolution of human consciousness.

This is what you will find in this intimate collection of insights and wisdom, coming from the Universe, through Rob´s heart and soul:

An Intimate Look at PSYCH-K® with Rob Williams

  1. Rob’s Journey to PSYCH-K®
  2. The Evolution of PSYCH-K®
  3. Why is PSYCH-K® So Important Now?
  4. AI…OI…and DI
  5. Self-Help and Self-Realization
  6. Collaboration vs. Competition
  7. The No-Pain…No-Gain Myth
  8. Balance
  9. The Isumataq Consciousness
  10. The GAIA Project
  11. PSYCH-K® In Rob’s Life

And a final video inviting you to take action:

  1. Gandhi Was Right…Be The Change!

Are you ready to take your personal journey to a deeper level and to support the evolution of humanity? If your answer is “Yes!”… we invite you to join Rob in this in-depth view of where we are and where we need to go with PSYCH-K® in order to help shape our destiny, now and for generations to come.

Note: This unique set of videos was created for PSYCH-K® Facilitators exclusively, and will not be made available to the general public.  These are NOT instructional videos about HOW to do PSYCH-K®. They are informational videos about WHY, by doing so, you can help to create a better world, for yourself, and others.

The entire set of 11 videos, plus an additional video segment entitled, Gandhi Was Right…Be The Change!, is available for $155.00 USD.