Sydney Armistead

Sydney Armistead

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Sydney’s work in the energetic healing arts is founded in a belief that we can work to listen to and care for our own bodies in remarkable ways. As a self-labeled free spirit and seeker, her own journey to health led her to PSYCH-K®.
It was through the practice of PSYCH-K® that she learned to transform deep-seated limiting beliefs she had about herself and the world around her. By learning to acknowledge and challenge our own thoughts (whether conscious or unconscious), we can rewrite the wiring of our brains to truly change our entire trajectories.

Because of the power of this practice and its effects on stress, perspective, mood, and the physical being, Sydney began offering to guide her clients through this nurturing yet challenging work. When working with Sydney, you’ll find someone who seems to slow time with her intuitive, connected, empowering and intellectual prowess.




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Fort Worth



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Online, Phone, In-person

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Health and Wellbeing Program