Roddey F McDonald

Roddey F McDonald

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Being one with 'All that IS" and one with the Evolution of Consciousness and Business.
My mission is to elevate our collective minds allowing the greatness within each person to transform and flourish. My purpose is to see every person unshackle the inner greatness and the leader within to be authentic and without the perception of the ideas, stories and limitations holding back a life of alignment with their values and purpose.

Having been frustrated by my own personal "drivers" to be motivated and trying to change undesirable thinking and practices my journey lead me in the psychotherapy and metaphysical world. After many years of slowly changing I discovered subconscious beliefs as the real way to change. I believe PSYCH-K® found me at the perfect time in my history. Since then exponential growth and spiritual wealth have been my experience. Loving 'what is' and being 'in oneness with all that is' can only be described as Divine.

What use is hiding your light under a bushel.... this beautiful process of energy shift is meant to be shared with the world and those ready will find it.

I facilitate this process with people one on one anywhere in the world and have a particular desire to impact Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.








Perth WA



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Online, Phone, In-person

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Master Facilitation Workshop

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