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Rich Myers

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Over the years the stress of meeting deadlines in the business world, started to have its effect on my health. I developed allergic type reactions to certain chemicals, paints and new carpets also known as Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. This started my journey on finding solutions to these reactions.

In my research, I learned the impact of a person’s emotional state and how it impacts a person’s physical health. I learned a system called The Body Code. It is intended to empower you to discover and release underlying physical and emotional causes for underlying physical issues. This system really helped release many of the imbalances but I noticed that some of the emotional triggers kept causing imbalances.

So my research continued and a friend introduced me to PSYCH-K, a process of uncovering and transforming subconscious beliefs. I went through the PSYCH-K training and this had a tremendous impact in helping me overcome the emotional triggers and physical conditions.

I have gained a deep understanding of the mind-body- spirit connection during this healing process. My mission is to help individuals find the emotional, physical and spiritual root issues to their health or emotional challenges. Have those issues released and bring freedom and enjoyment back into one’s life.





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