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After losing my partner of 20 years to cancer in 2011, I was struggling to emotionally support myself and my young children through our grief. I was dwelling in the past and worried about the future. I spent time even trying to plan out my retirement 15 years ahead of time so that I wouldn't have to face the prospect of loneliness and despair. Fortunately for me, PSYCH-K® was introduced and offered to me and through that connection, my family's true healing journey began. I can confidently state that PSYCH-K® has changed my life. From there, I knew that I wanted to support others in their own transformation through the use of PSYCH-K®.

As an educator (and currently, an elementary school principal), I have always been drawn to supporting children and their families. Embracing my own personal experience with PSYCH-K®, I pursued the Basic, Advanced and Master Facilitation workshops so that I could share this gift in my daily practice. Assisting children through PSYCH-K® has enabled students to embrace their own power to transform their feelings and beliefs around stress and anxiety and replace them with beliefs that highlight confidence, happiness, peace and self-empowerment.

Imagine if all educators and parents were able to transform their limiting beliefs and live their own greatness without obstacles getting in the way? How much better then, might we serve our children? How much happier then, might our families and communities be?

I believe that the possibility of sustaining happiness within ourselves, our families, our schools, our communities and in our world exists. Please join me in taking that step to discover your true potential, through Soaring Intentions. It's time to "set your true self free"!









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