PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, English & Arabic

The Workshop will performed by A certified Instructor Dr. Salwa Alanezi, it is designed to enhance PSYCH-K Facilitators to sharpen their skills and Facilitate excellent sessions. It’s for you if you want to polish your skills either to help yourself or loved ones. Its Strongly recommended for you if you want to conduct PSYCH-K professional sessions for clients as it Sharpen your skills, deepen your knowledge and confidence using the PSYCH-K processes taught in the Basic Workshop.


During this 3-Day workshop, you will gain great of knowledge growth as you work the processes. As all PSYCH-K workshops you practice a lot. A very important skill you will gain is how to use Surrogation for long distance sessions. Another important aspect of this workshop is how to use Messages from Situations and Conditions to help others consciously understand the important Lessons/Messages from different situations. You will be able to facilitate face-to-face sessions as well as online sessions through video call such as Skype, FaceTime… etc., you will be able to do sessions held over the phone without the seeing your Partner. you will be able to improve your skills to be the best PSYCH-K Facilitator you can be.


It is the right workshop for you if you are interested in sharping and polishing your PSYCH-K facilitation skills. If you are interested in having your name in the listing on the international PSYCH-K website for private session offering, this workshop is a prerequisite.

If you are interested please send WhatsApp msg to : +965 55100990 or an email to:

Blessing and have a nice day 🙂

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