PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop In-Person


Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in the PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop In-Person in Cardiff.
It will be a fun 3 days with lots of practice so that you’re ready to take your next step on your PSYCH-K® journey.

Below you will find all of the information you need regarding the Cardiff workshop, such as logistics, timings and accommodation. Following this, you will find a breakdown of what will be covered at the workshop over the three days. There is quite a lot of information here, so please read it carefully.

All the very best and I’m really looking forward to hopefully meeting you at the workshop.

Have a great day.

Much love



Workshop Info

Cost: Summer special: £850 if paid before September 1st (payment in three instalments via Paypal Pay Later is available).

From September 1st, the standard price of £955 will be applied.

The workshop runs –

9.00am – 6.00pm Friday

9.00am – 6.30pm Saturday

9.00am – 4.30pm / 5.00pm on Sunday.

Lunch breaks occur around 1.00pm and are for 60 minutes. While it’s not possible to bring your own food in to the golf club, the club has a bar and restaurant area with a varied menu. There are other options as well – Pughs garden centre is one mile from the golf club and has three cafes to choose from, the Orchard Cafe is a 5 minute walk away and Cicchetti is an Italian restaurant, which is a 7 minute walk from the club. Asda’s is also a 9 minute drive and 30 minute walk away. The Co-op is a short walk away too, which is also near the River Taff.

Water and refreshments will be provided during the breaks, although I do recommend bringing your own bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the workshop. Dress is casual and comfortable and please bring layers if you have a tendency to get cold.

While you will receive a packet of information to take home, most people find it valuable to bring a pen and some paper to take a few notes.

The PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop In-Person will be held at:

Radyr Golf Club Drysgol Road,


CF15 8BS
Telephone: 02920 842408


The Golf Club is a 30 minute drive from Cardiff Airport.

From London, there is a direct train  from Paddington station to Cardiff Central station, which takes approx 1 hour 50 minutes.

Free parking is available on a first come first served basis.

Accommodation near the golf club

There are a few lovely bnb’s near the club, within walking distance, and also a couple of hotels within a 10 minute drive: Radyr is a lovely area and there are beautiful places to walk in nature nearby and the River Taff is close by too. Participants at previous workshops have walked to the river together to have lunch.

Ty Mynydd Lodge is a 2 min drive and 8 minute walk from the club. – I highly recommend booking early if you can, as they do tend to get booked up. If you say you’re attending the workshop,, they will give you a 10% discount off your stay.

The Laurels is a 10 minute drive away

Gelynis Farm is a 5 minute drive and 20 minute walk away

The Village Hotel Whitchurch is a 9 minute drive away Travelodge Whitchurch is a 10 minute drive away

Holiday Inn Cardiff North M4 is an 8 minute drive away

Taxi Firms:

Capital Cabs – 02920 777777 Premier Cars – 02920 555555 Dragon Taxis – 02920 333333

What is covered at the workshop

The Master Facilitation Workshop was developed to support professional and non- professional PSYCH-K® Facilitators in developing high-level skills with others and one’s self. This workshop offers training and experience facilitating sessions in-per- son and at a distance, online or by telephone. The intended end results are: 

– Enhanced facilitation skills
– Increased effectiveness
– Ease, confidence, and clarity as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator
– You will have the opportunity to watch a demo session being facilitated and then you will work in triads – Facilitator, Partner and observer. 

Important notice

A 39 page pre reading workshop manual is sent to participants prior to the workshop and upon receipt of payment. The manual must be read before the start of the workshop.

It is recommended that bookings are made and paid for at least two weeks before the workshop. This allows enough time to read the manual at least twice before the pre workshop call, which is the Monday evening of the week of the workshop.

❅ Once the manual is emailed to you, the workshop has begun and payment for the workshop becomes non-refundable. If, for some reason, you are unable to attend the workshop once the manual has been sent, you will be able to book on to another Master Facilitation Workshop, but not receive a refund ❅.

Some of what you will learn at the MFW is outlined here:- 

Introductions with Core Connection 

Each participant will have an opportunity to provide a brief introduction including a Core Connection statement. The Core Connection is the statement you will share with some then they ask you what you do. It is a simple and highly effective way to en- gage people with out even mentioning the name PSYCH-K. The Core Connection goes much deeper than the Core Conversation from the Pro workshop and I personal- ly gained a lot of insight from this exercise 

Review and Discuss Pre-Workshop Materials 

A limited amount of time will be available to discuss and clarify information from the manual. 

Discuss & Balance with Mutual Language: ‘We’ vs. ‘I’ 

Using mutual language is one expression of doing ‘with’ versus ‘on’ or ‘to’. See the 

Messages Protocol – Discuss, Demonstrate, Facilitate 

Sometimes, situations and conditions may be transformed simply by identifying and Balancing meaningful goals. However, they commonly represent a superconscious attempt to bring something important to the Partner’s attention in the form of a ‘mes- sage’ (e.g. an insight, a change in perspective, a life style change, etc.). This protocol will be provided at the workshop. 

Surrogation – Discuss, Demonstrate, Facilitate 

Surrogation allows facilitation with someone who cannot participate directly, e.g. someone physically incapacitated, not physically present, or too young. The process is based on creating a ‘link up’ between the superconscious minds of the individual or group who will experience the change (the “Partner”), and that of a willing Surrogate. Surrogation will be specifically used in this workshop for facilitating internet video and phone sessions. Details and procedure will be provided at the workshop. 

Facilitate in Triads with Debrief Discussions 

In groups of three and in a total of three sessions for each format, each participant will be a Facilitator, a Partner, and an Observer. Sessions will include the following three formats: 

In-Person, Face-to-Face Sessions 

Internet Video Sessions – could be Skype, Zoom, FaceTime etc. You will have the opportunity to watch a demo session being facilitated and then you will have the opportunity to practice in groups of three. 

Telephone Sessions – You will have the opportunity to watch a demo session be- ing facilitated and then you will have the opportunity to practice in groups of three. 

PSYCH-K® sessions are more and more commonly being offered by Facilitators over the telephone and Skype etc. This can really open up the possibilities for offering 1-1 sessions and the intention of these practice sessions is that you will gain the confidence to begin to offer sessions in this way. 


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