PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop ~ Denver/Aurora, CO ~ English

Welcome to the NEW Master Facilitator Workshop


Simplicity, Efficiency and Effectiveness

Evolve Your Mind and Transform Your Life!


Learn how to be an AMAZING PSYCH-K Facilitator and take your skills to the next level!

Prerequisite is only PSYCH-K Basic Workshop


Denver/Aurora, Colorado   Friday-Sunday, December 7-9, 2018, 8:45 AM—6:00 PM


Location: Sacred Space Sanctuary, 19529 East 59th Drive, Aurora, CO  80019

Location may change due to student registrations. check with Karen for possible venue update.


Lodging Availability: Local Air BnB options and area hotels. Some rooms are available onsite. Call Karen McKy for information 719-648-3070


$1,000.00 USD Tuition (for 3 Full Days of training!)                REGISTER and PAY >>


This class is packed with lots of important information to help PSYCH-K Facilitators enhance their skills and deliver excellence facilitating the PSYCH-K processes. Whether you want to polish your skills to help yourself, or you want to be a professional PSYCH-K Facilitator working in a professional setting helping others, this class is for you. Sharpen your skills and deepen your knowledge and confidence using the PSYCH-K processes taught in the Basic Workshop.


Expand and enhance your abilities helping others deal with life’s challenges. During this jam packed 3 day intensive you will experience lots of personal growth as you work the processes!  This workshop offers the opportunity for a great deal of deductive reasoning and “thinking outside of the box working with real life situations!”


The focus for this class is on practice, practice, practice while being observed and receiving direct and loving feedback to help you grow. You’ll learn how to use Surrogation for long distance sessions. You’ll also learn how to use Spiritual Messages from Situations or Conditions to help Partners understand important lessons. We’ll practice face-to-face sessions, video sessions (Skype/Zoom/FaceTime, etc.), and sessions held over the phone without the benefit of seeing your Partner. Communication is KEY to your success as a Facilitator. Discover what you can improve upon and what you are doing well to be the best PSYCH-K Facilitator you can be!


If you are thinking of enhancing and polishing your PSYCH-K facilitation skills you won’t want to miss this program. This workshop is required to become a PSYCH-K Preferred Affiliate so you can create excellence in your facilitation skills and deliver outstanding results helping others.


For Additional Information Contact:

Workshop Sponsor:  Karen McKy

Certified PSYCH-K Instructor, Karen McKy, Subconscious Change, 719-648-3070,


“… As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”  Marianne Williamson


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