PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop – Anaheim, CA – English

The Master Facilitation Workshop (aka “MFW”) is intended for those who wish to refine and enhance their skills, and become an exquisite, expert facilitator of PSYCH-K®.  It’s also a virtual “must” for those who are practicing PSYCH-K as a profession, that is, charging a fee for facilitation services.


The PSYCH-K Basic Workshop is a pre-requisite for this event.  You do NOT have to attend the Advanced Integration Workshop to participate in the PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop, although if you have attended the Advanced, or wish to, you can definitely benefit from what we have to share in this Workshop.


Over the years, PSYCH-K Originator Rob Williams and some of the more experienced Instructors have utilized a variety of protocols — building on the fundamental balance processes — that had not been taught in Workshops. There simply isn’t time in a Basic or Advanced workshop to teach these highly useful but lesser known methods of identifying balance opportunities. We have bundled these ‘extras’ into the PSYCH-K MFW.  We have also included marketing tips to increase client referrals into your practice.


The Course is intended for those who wish to refine and enhance their skills, and become exquisite, expert facilitators of PSYCH-K.  It’s a “must” for those who are practicing PSYCH-K as a profession, that is, charging a fee for facilitation. If you wish to be listed on the website as a Preferred Affiliate this is a required course.


Contact Karen Johnson for more information and Registration Options about this event.

714-742-7735 or 509-919-2420


Due to the workshop pre-reading requirements, Registration closes two weeks before the event.

Pricing: $250 Deposit will hold your spot. (more than 4 weeks before event). Due to the pre-reading requirement, balance is  due at 3-weeks before the event.

$900 early registration (more than 3 weeks before event)

$1000 late registration (at 3 weeks and 1 day after early registration ends and before the end of that week.) Due to the pre-reading requirements of this event, No registrations are accepted with 2-weeks or less before the start of the event. 

$200 Retake registrations are accepted up to three days before the start date. Does NOT include new packet materials.

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