PSYCH-K® Divine Integration Retreat – Brevard, North Carolina, United States, English

Divine Integration Retreat Details

Starts:  13 May 2020, 9:00 am

Ends:   18 May 2020, 4:00 pm


309 South Country Club Drive

Brevard, NC 28712

Instructor: Mary Mazur & Myra Lovvorn, Certified PSYCH-K® Basic Instructors & Certified Holistic RNs

Please email Mary Mazur at with the subject ” DIR – May 2020″ letting me know your interest in attending this retreat for yourself. The retreat will run from May 14-17th. You are welcome to stay at the Air BnB retreat spot May 13-18th ( please let Mary know if you need to stay the 13th and/or 18th. There may be an additional fee for lodging for these 2 extra nights. ).

We do recommend you stay for the retreat experience even if you live close-by. Please let me know who were your instructors for the Basic and Advanced workshops ( as these are pre-requisites for this retreat!).

Here is the. link to pay for your stay ( estimated lodging and meals coverage):

Link to register for lodging : $250/person:

(please complete the registration form below)

We will have time for walking through the wood trails, connecting with nature, zip lining, exploring waterfalls in the Appalachian mountains , experiencing blue fairies, and precious time together! . SpringTime in the mountain area of North Carolina  is beautiful and magical! We welcome you!

Divine Integration Retreat


What can you expect from attending the Divine Integration Retreat?

  • Recognize and experience a direct connection to your Higher-Self
  • Change limiting beliefs about your own Divinity
  • Experience group synergy of Divine Consciousness
  • Discover your true nature as a Spiritual Being having a human experience
  • Learn to see the Divinity in others
  • No tuition fee – this is our gift back to you!

Divine Integration Retreat

The singular purpose of this Retreat is to provide participants with both recognition, and a direct experience of the Divine essence in each of us. It is inclusive of all religious and spiritual orientations. The Retreat provides an opportunity to identify and change any limiting beliefs about one’s own Divinity. In the culminating experience of the Retreat, the effect of group synergy is used to create an energetic environment in order to generate a personal experience of one’s own Divine connection. In the tradition of “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” this experience leverages group dynamics to facilitate a field effect in which each person can benefit from the power of the group in this state of divine coherency.

The more of us who recognize our true spiritual nature, the more of the Source of All That Is,  will manifest in the world. It is PSYCH-K’s way of nurturing sacred global evolution. There is no fee for the Retreat, although you may make an anonymous donation if you wish.
 Because the Divine Integration Retreat builds on processes and 
experiences from the Basic and Advanced PSYCH-K Workshop, completion of both Basic and Advanced Workshops is required before attending the Retreat.

Divine Integration Retreat

Lead by:Mary Mazur & Myra Lovvorn 

Certified PSYCH-K® Instructors

Thursday – Sunday, May 14 – 17, 2020

(starts at 9 am 5/14; ends 4pm 5/17)

We welcome you to this retreat for all who have attended the Basic and Advanced Integration PSYCH-K® Workshops.

Please click the link below to register and pay for your lodging & meals included in this retreat.This is our gift back to you, so there is no tuition fee for attending.(If you feel moved to give a love offering, please reach out to Gina Nelkie at or (678) 772-4701.All donations are anonymous.

DIR May 14-18th, 2020

Brevard , North Carolina

Located at :

309 South Country Club Drive

Brevard, NC 28712

(35 miles south of Asheville, NC)

DIR- May 2020- Brevard, NC Google Map

Lodging/ meals : $250/per person : May 13-18, 2020.

There are 18 spots to fill to stay at this location. Once these are filled, we will offer off site air bnb options. So, hold your spot!

The Vacation Brevard NC area offers 4 areas for sleeping. 3 are open for all of you. May you be willing to live in community a bit.

We will do our best to best accommodate you. Please give us your preferences, and if you are coming with others, we will definitely put you together accordingly!

4 SPOTS LEFT for lodging on the property- RV ON THE PROPERTY : SEE BELOW

(anyone else is still welcome to register and stay at a nearby Air Bnb /hotel – $50 if you’d like to be included with the meals/eating together). Please let Mary know your preference.


New Casa (8 people) : FILLED

1) Queen bed and 2 twin beds (lower and loft level). (3)

2) Queen bed and a sofa bed (2)

3) Queen bed and a 2 twin beds of a day bed (3)

(each of these 3 are private rooms with a private covered porch each).  The 3 rooms will need to share 2 bathrooms that each have a shower in the game room outside the 3 private rooms.

La Casita home  (3 people) : 1) a loft twin bed (reserved already) FILLED

2) futon bed (full size) in living room – open and available

3) Queen bed ( in bedroom)  (3) ( reserved already)

(one private bathroom/shower to share)

RV ( 4 people) : OPEN

1) Queen bed in bedroom

2) twin bed in kitchen area (seating area that turns into a bed)

3) 2 sofa beds that pull out in living room   (4)

(one private bathroom/shower to share)

Myra and I will be staying in the 4th house on the property. It has a hot tub for all to use! (5 of us will be staying here).

*$250/per person is contingent of 20 of us attending (including Myra and I). If less people come, this amount will need to be adapted. Please accept this possibility.  (Total cost for lodging stay is $3000. $1000 collected for meals & pay pal fees).

We would love to have those gifted in cooking to help with preparing & serving meals with all of us. Thank you! ).


Please bring comfortable clothes for the weather, along with gear for  hiking. 

Bring your favorite instrument if you have a musical gift! We will have time in the evening for playing music,  & hanging out together!

You may also bring your favorite snacks too! And please bring a special item you can put on our front table that may have sentimental value to you!

Please copy the info below and email it to Mary at :

Link to register: $250/person:

1) Individual attending : ____

2) Couple attending: ____



Phone #: _____________________

Who was your Basic and Advanced Instructor:



____ – eat anything

____ – vegetarian

____ – gluten free

____ – dairy free

____ – vegan

____- any other special diet needs: ________________________________

Please email this registration form to Mary asap:

It is first come, first serve til the beds are full! We so welcome you! We have a full kitchen . So, we can make a meal together the first day if some of you love cooking!)


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