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PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop – West Palm Beach, FL – English

“The biggest obstacle to achieving the success we dream of is the programmed limitations in the subconscious. If our subconscious mind were programmed with healthy behaviors, we would succeed in our lives without even intending to”.  – Rob Williams, Originator of PSYCH-K®

During the 3 days of the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop you will have the opportunity to learn how to reprogram the limiting beliefs of your subconscious mind to create a profoundly rich and abundant life in every way, especially in the connection with yourself. Using the tools you  will learn you will have the ability to take your life to another level and many possibilities that previously seemed impossible will open up for you.

Welcome to Being the person you’ve always wanted to be!

The Main Goal of This Workshop… is to give you the tools so that you can Create the Life You Want!

The first 2 days you will learn how your subconscious works, what is the source of your limitations, how to communicate in a simple way with your subconscious, and the protocols of PSYCH-K® that will allow you to change the instructions of your subconscious mind that create fears, stress and limitations for others that empower you and allow you to live the life you want.

Think of PSYCH-KǏ (pronounced “Sai-que-y”) as an all-purpose tool. You can use it to eliminate procrastination and bad habits, transform trauma and emotional pain, learn new skills more easily, lose weight faster, increase your self-esteem and generate money abundantly and reprogram you identity and personality so that it expresses your authentic self.

The 3 main advantages are that the change occurs at the subconscious level, the part that directs our behavior between 95 and 98% of the time. The second is that there is no need to go back to the past to find the cause or relive the past. Just choose the future you want, and “re-program” directly in your subconscious the result you want. The third advantage is that you learn to make these changes, and you can facilitate them with yourself at any time you want without depending on anyone, and you can also facilitate with others.

What will you learn in these 3 days?

They are 3 days fun, interesting, and profound as the changes you start to experience the first day.

The Basis of PSYCH-K®

The first 2 days we will learn the fundamental basis and how to Facilitate Balances with others and with ourselves.

For this we will talk about:

  • The different ways that Conscious and Subconscious minds process information and what it means to us in facilitating Balances.
  • The effect of the Whole Brain State and how it is used in the Balances.
  • How to test with the subconscious to follow the steps of the PSYCH-K® process.

Then you will learn …How to Balance and Reprogram your Subconscious!

You will learn:

  • The 2 protocols, called Balances, that we use at this level to reprogram the Subconscious.
  • A process that allows you to communicate directly with the Subconscious.
  • How to align yourself with the wisdom of Nature by incorporating the Principles of Nature into your life.
  • A way to transform the perception of a stressful situation, a trauma or a very intense emotion.
  • A 4-step template to be able to easily use PSYCH-K® in your daily life in any situation.
  • And much, much more.

You will learn how to Facilitate Changes with Yourself and Others with Confidence.

The 3rd day is dedicated to your personal transformation and deepening your capacity and ability to use the method with confidence. You will be able to start designing the life of your dreams and create new results in areas such as Self-esteem, Relationships, Personal Power, Spirituality, and Prosperity.

This workshop represents a new Paradigm of Transformation. If you’ve tried other methods and are looking for an easy, quick, effective, simple and loving way to solve the fears, pain and limitations of your life, this is for you. It’s for everyone committed to expressing their greatness, to living from Love, and to helping others to be happy. It is excellent for coaches, entrepreneurs, leaders, therapists, massage therapists, psychologists, teachers, executives and home makers.

Date: June 3 – 5, 2022 (Friday -Sunday)

Hours: 9:30 –  6:30

Limited spaces available.

For more information contact:  Ana Maria Veeser  (954) 557-7170

Location: Pemberton Pines (See Map below)

Investment: Workshop – $1100 USD
Reserve your – $500 USD

To pay or reserve your place:®

Taught by: Peter Gonzalez – Certified to teach the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, Advanced Integration Workshop, Divine Integration Retreat, Mastery in Facilitation workshop. Peter has been a Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor since 2008 and has taught more than 400 workshops in 9 countries.

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