PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop – Spokane, Washington, English

This is the foundational course for all of PSYCH-K. For some people, this is all the PSYCH-K they will need to help transform self-limiting beliefs into self-enhancing ones! It is our limiting beliefs that often determine the limits of what we can achieve in life.  This Workshop is a prerequisite for all other PSYCH-K workshops. 
Here’s what you will learn in the workshop:

  • Differences between the subconscious, conscious, and superconscious mind, and the role of each in changing limiting beliefs.
  • How to communicate with the subconscious mind, using a unique muscle testing protocol.
  • Two different processes for changing subconscious beliefs, i.e., the New Direction Balance, and the Resolution Balance.
  • A goal clarification process, called, VAK to the Future, that makes it easier for the subconscious mind to better understand and assist you in achieving your goals.
  • How to create well-formed, and compelling goal statements to enhance any area of your life.
  • How to facilitate belief changes with yourself and others.

About Karen:  She had been interested in personal growth and transformation techniques for decades but gave up until a serendipitous event lead her to the PSYCH-K Workshop. When she began using PSYCH-K her life changed so dramatically, she knew this was what she had been looking for!!  She knew it would be the tool she could count on for the rest of her life.  She has been a Certified PSYCH-K Instructor since September 2002  and welcomes your questions!  

She lives and teaches in Spokane, Washington.  She also frequently teaches in Sacramento and Anaheim, California. Feel free to contact her for more information or follow her website link below to register.

More information and Registration is available at her website: www.BalancedLivingCenter.NET  

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