PSYCH-K ® Basic Workshop ~ Spokane Valley, WA ~ USA ~ English

Thank you for considering the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop with Karen Johnson.

This is the foundational course for all of PSYCH-K®  and the prerequisite for all other PSYCH-K® Workshops and events.  This is a hands on workshop. You will learn and practice the Basic protocols, including our highly reliable method of Muscle Testing and the specific steps to address a broad range of challenges and life improvement opportunities.

In addition to all the required workshop materials (including the latest workshop packet) each new participant receives a personal copy of Rob Williams’ Book “PSYCH-K® The Missing Peace In Your Life”.

This is a three-day workshop. Attendance in all 3 days is required in order to receive an “Acknowledgment of Attendance.” . . .  And sometimes we finish early on the 3rd day.


$300 Deposit holds your spot. Balance due 1st day of workshop.

$290 to re-take the Basic Workshop, includes the new 2019 (v19.1) packet. Reduce that by $90 if you already have the 2019 Packet.

$750 each, With a Friend.

$850 Early Registration (at least 2-weeks before event)

$900 Late Registration (less than 2-weeks before event)



Call Karen Johnson 509-919-2420 local or 714-742-7735 mobile.



Follow this Link to Basic Workshop registration options:


About Karen

She was hand picked and certified by Robert Williams, the originator of PSYCH-K®.  She has been teaching PSYCH-K® since September 2002.  She is also certified to teach the Advanced Integration Workshop, as well as the Master Facilitation Workshop and became qualified/authorized to present the PSYCH-K Divine Integration workshop at the very first presentation of that event!

Karen’s dedication to furthering the PSYCH-K family of instructors and events includes at least 12 years of service to the community of Instructors. In addition to teaching PSYCH-K for over 16 years, her service roles have included: attending and supporting annual Instructor conferences, for 6 plus years conducting every other month Instructor Conference calls, attending and reviewing the Instructor training program (often while supporting new Instructors into the community),  sponsoring Dr. Duccio Locati (to teach the Health and Wellness Program) three times and attending (so far) a total of five times.  


Again, thank you for considering me to be your trusted PSYCH-K® Instructor. I’ll do my best to hold a safe space where you can comfortably step through the subconscious veil of the past and learn how to create your future.

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