PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop In-Person Birmingham England


Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in the PSYCH-K® Basic workshop In-Person in Birmingham.
It will be a fun 3 days with lots of practice, so that you’re really familiar with the PSYCH-K® processes for change. We’re especially excited about the Birmingham workshop because it’s an opportunity for us to teach together, which we always love doing. 

Below you will find all of the information you need regarding the Birmingham Basic workshop, such as logistics, timing, directions, accommodation and travel. Following this, you will find a breakdown of what will be covered at the workshop over the three days. There is quite a lot of information here, so please read it carefully.

If you have any questions at all or to book a place, don’t hesitate to contact us at  and and we’re always happy to help, or you can go directly to my website to book (see link below).

All the very best and we’re looking forward to hopefully meeting you at the workshop.

Much love

Cazzie and Sharon

Cost: $950USDollars:

The GBP price will be the equivalent of $950USD at the time of booking and the live conversion price can be found on the booking page of our websites (see links below), where you will be able to pay in British pounds. There is also an option to pay in 3 instalments via Paypal’s Pay Later option. Please note, you do need to have a Paypal account to use this option.

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Workshop Information

The workshop runs from 9.00am – 6.00pm on Friday and Saturday and 9.00am – 5.00pm on Sunday. We may finish earlier on Sunday, depending on the size of the group and the flow of the day.

Lunch breaks occur around 12.00/12.30pm and are for 60 minutes and lunch is included in the workshop price (more information below, under accommodation). You may also bring your own lunch as well.  

Water and hot drinks will be provided during breaks, although we do recommend bringing your own bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the workshop. Dress is casual and comfortable, so please bring layers if you have a tendency to get cold.

While you will receive a folder of materials to take home, most people find it valuable to bring a pen and some paper to take a few notes.

Venue Address

Woodbrooke Lodge Conference Centre

1046 Bristol Road


BN29 6LJ


Accommodation & Lunch

Included in the cost of the workshop:
Lunch and refreshments are included in the cost of the workshop.
*Please note that our Birmingham venue is the only workshop venue where lunch is included as part of the delegate package.

Woodbrooke is a Georgian manor house set in extensive grounds with a walled kitchen garden onsite, so you can enjoy time in nature while attending the workshop. The food is all home-cooked and full board accommodation offers 2 cooked meals each day, breakfast and evening meals, as lunch is provided as part of the workshop package. The kitchen staff at Woodbrooke are used to catering for all kinds of dietary requirements.

Accommodation is available onsite, on a first come first served basis.

Single ensuite room – Bed & Breakfast only is £69  
Lunch is included with the workshop so if you choose this option you will have breakfast and lunch at the venue and you will need to make other arrangements for your evening meal.

Single ensuite room – Half board £80
This includes breakfast and an evening meal, as well as your lunch, which is included with the workshop.

*Please contact me directly at to book your accommodation, if you would like to stay onsite.

**Please note, if you choose not to participate in the workshop lunch arrangements you are welcome to bring your own packed lunch however, the price of the workshop remains the same.

*** We are teaching the PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop In-Person directly after this Basic workshop, at the same venue. There will be one day off in between the two workshops, on the Monday, with the MFW following from Tuesday 30th May – Thursday 1st June. If you would like to attend both the Basic and MFW, please note that lunch and an evening meal won’t be provided on the Monday, due to it not being a workshop day. If you would like more information about this, don’t hesitate to contact us at the email addresses above.

Here are some extra logistics for the weekend –

. Start time 9.00am each day.
. Finish time 6.00pm Friday and Saturday and 5.00pm Sunday.

. Hot drinks will be available throughout the day

Parking is available on site and you just need to make sure you register your vehicle at reception.


By Car

From the M6, leave at Junction 6 (Spaghetti Junction)
and take the A38 Aston Expressway into Birmingham city centre, onto an overpass, through three tunnels and on
to the Bristol Road A38. Keep going on this road until you have passed the University of Birmingham in Edgbaston on your right. At the fork in the road around a Tesco petrol station turn left onto the B384 to go through Selly Oak. Carry on straight and you will re-join the A38 after the Sainsbury’s supermarket. You will then pass the Christian Life Centre, the local Selly Oak Quaker Meeting House and the entrance to Fircroft College. The Woodbrooke entrance is just after the speed camera and before the bus stop on the left.

From the M40, join the M42. Exit M42 at Junction 2 and take the A441 towards Birmingham (signposted Cadbury World). After 6 miles, turn left onto the A38 Bristol Road. Woodbrooke is on the left after Fircroft College.

From the M5, leave at Junction 4 and take the A38 north for 6 miles towards Birmingham. After passing under a footbridge, look out for Woodbrooke 200 yards beyond on the right. Go further up the hill and do a U-turn through the next gap (as signposted) to come back down the hill to the Woodbrooke entrance just before the bus stop on the left.

By Air

The nearest airport is Birmingham International. It
takes between 10 and 20 minutes from Birmingham International train station to reach Birmingham New Street depending on which train you take. From there, you can get a local train to Selly Oak, a taxi or bus to Woodbrooke.

By Rail

Woodbrooke is based in Selly Oak – around five miles south of Birmingham city centre. We encourage our visitors to travel by public transport where possible.

New Street station in Birmingham city centre now has a new layout after major works taking place to improve its facilities. There are new entrances and exits so do ask a member of staff at the station for help and advice if you need it.

Trains arrive into Birmingham New Street, Moor Street and Snow Hill stations. From New Street station you can catch a bus, taxi, or local train to Selly Oak.

Local trains to Selly Oak depart regularly and take about 10 minutes. From Selly Oak station, Woodbrooke is a short bus ride on either the 63 (go to the ticket office, walk straight on out of the exit and continue walking outside the station and the bus stop is just a few yards down the main road).

By Foot (20-25 minutes or approximately one mile from Selly Oak station)
If you are walking from Selly Oak station, go to the ticket office, turn left outside the station and walk to the main Bristol Road. Turn left and keep walking. You will pass Sainsburys (on your right), the Christian Life Centre (on your left) and the Selly Oak Meeting House (on your left). Keep walking, past George Cadbury Hall and Fircroft College. Woodbrooke is on the left before the bus stop.

By Bus

If you prefer, you can catch a no 63 bus from Birmingham New Street station. Ask a member of the train station staff to direct you to the walkway that will take you to the rear of the station and will direct you to the entrance of the Bullring where there is a Boots. The bus stop for no 63 is the one to the left of Boots. Ask for the ‘Witherford Way’ stop.

After passing through Selly Oak, you will pass Sainsburys (on your right) and you will go past the Christian Life Centre (on your left). The Woodbrooke stop is the one after the stop at George Cadbury Hall. Get up to get off the bus as it begins to go down the hill. Buses accept the exact fare only so please have plenty of change with you. Check the National Express West Midlands website for current fares: tickets-prices. If you are planning to make more than one bus journey in a day, it is normally cheaper to buy a day ticket.

 By Bicycle

Local train operator London Midland welcomes bicycles on board all off-peak services at no charge. From Selly Oak station, Woodbrooke is a 5–10 minute cycle. For detailed cycle routes see the website (click on ‘About Woodbrooke’ and ‘How to find us’).

By Coach

National Express coaches terminate at Digbeth Coach Station, a 10–15 minute walk from New Street, from where you can travel by bus or train. Look for signs to guide you from Digbeth coach station to New Street train station. Alternatively, pre-book a taxi to Woodbrooke.

By Taxi

There is a taxi rank outside the new entrance of New Street Station (the new Stephenson St entrance). Please look for the signs or ask a member of the station staff for help. The distance to Woodbrooke is approximately 5 miles.
If you want to pre-book a taxi, call TOA Taxis on
0121 427 8888. These taxis are metered and are always black cabs.

What is covered at the 3 day Basic Workshop –

Day 1 

– PSYCH-K® – what it is and how it works

– Three levels of the mind and how we work with each level to create successful, long lasting and sustainable change in our lives.

– The brain: understanding the basics of split brained research. We will look at the benefits of being whole brained (relaxed, receptive and reprogrammable) over being split brained (stressed) and the importance of being whole-brained when making effective change in our lives.

– Muscle Testing: how to communicate directly with our superconscious and subconscious minds. We use muscle testing at every step in the PSYCH-K® Balance processes, so we’re never left second guessing if it’s worked. We don’t move on to the next step of the process until the previous one is complete. This helps to eliminate any doubt that the subconscious change has been successful.

– Two PSYCH-K Balances: the processes that are used to change subconscious limiting beliefs into juicy, self enhancing beliefs. We call these the New Direction Balance and the Resolution Balance.

Day 2

– Principles and philosophies of PSYCH-K®

– 7 categories of change: 77 example Goal Statements over 7 different categories, covering the areas of Relationships; Personal Power; Self esteem; Prosperity; Grief and Loss; Spirituality and Health and Body and how to use them.

– Creating Well Formed Goal Statements: create your very own personal beliefs that will help you have the life experiences you want and desire and some fun and creative ways to do this.

– Secondary Gain: Have you ever tried really hard to change a behaviour or experience in your life, but you just seem to keep getting stuck? Here, we will look at the possibility of secondary gains, whereby the subconscious need to stay in the behaviour or experience outweighs the conscious desire to change and we will look at how to overcome this.

– Transform the Perception of a Stressful Situation – transform the perception of any stressful experience, emotion, phobia or trauma in your life, past, present or future, so there is no more emotional charge when you think about the experience. The goal here is to achieve a state of peace and non attachment regarding the experience.

– Self testing: you will learn self muscle testing techniques to help you use the PSYCH-K® Balances with yourself, when you are on your own.

– Principles of Nature – 33 statements that have been inspired by Bruce Lipton’s work on nature and what we can learn from her. Here we will learn how we can live more joyful, satisfying and harmonious lives.

– Creating a New Reality: create an alternative timeline that will help you understand what it is that you need to do to change yourself and your life.

Day 3

– Use PSYCH-K® in Your Daily Life: how to get from where you are now, to where you want to be in the simplest and most effective way. This is where we bring together everything that you have learned so far. There will be a practice session, giving you the confidence to use the PSYCH-K® process with yourself and others once you leave the workshop.

– Tools of Divination: learn how to utilise tools such as oracle cards to gain insights and messages into your life and then share those messages with your subconscious mind.

– The PSYCH-K® Gaia Project protocol: learn how to go from helping ourselves and others on an individual basis, to learning how to support humanity on a global scale.

–  Creating A New Reality Protocol –  here you have the opportunity to step into the future that you want to experience and know what action you need to take to create that future.

– Where you can go from here: other available PSYCH-K® workshops.
– Affirmations of completion and close of workshop.

We look forward to, hopefully, meeting you at the workshop for a fun three days of learning and transformation.

Hugs and love

Cazzie and Sharon



The PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop In-Person may be all that you ever need to help you with life challenges or blips. However, you might find yourself wanting to continue your PSYCH-K® journey and we have listed the dates for the follow on workshops below.  More in-depth information can be found by searching for the workshops here, on the PSYCH-K® site and also by visiting my website (please see above).

From the PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop, you can go directly to the PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation Workshop In-Person or the PSYCH-K® Advanced Integration Workshop In -Person.

Master Facilitation Workshops In-Person

Birmingham       May 30th – June 1st (directly follows on from this Basic workshop with Sharon and Cazzie

Dublin                  June 9th-11th                  Sharon

Bristol                  September 22nd-24th   Cazzie

London                November 17th-19th      Cazzie

Advanced Integration Workshops In-Person

Bristol                  June 13th – 16th           Cazzie

London                October 19th-22nd      Cazzie

From the Advanced workshop, you can attend the 

Health and Wellbeing Workshop    London               July 20th-23rd      Duccio Locati

Divine Integration Retreat               Birmingham      August 3rd-6th     Sharon and Cazzie

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